If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YOU is the understood subject!!! ; )

Dear Spoonies & Foggies and all who are here, I love you! We're gonna sit down a wee bit and we're gonna have a cup of hot tea! ok ok rest your weary head upon my shoulders for I care for you! Leave a comment if you like I love hearing from you and esp if is there is something that is troubling you, tell me all about it, I don't have anything but time for you!

First of all, I want you to scroll up and focus for about 30 seconds on the picture at the beginning of the blog!  Now, I said that to say as you gaze, yes
I said gaze into the blue still waters and feast your eyes on the blue soft skies, notice there are no ripples on the water a picture of peace! Now close your eyes and get that picture in your mind! Take a snapshot of it and save it to your memory! Then come back and we will have a wee cup of tea and after you get comfy and cozy, just want us both to breathe deep!

It has been my experience over many long years of suffering with
Fibromyalgia etc. I think you have already read about what all I have within my body, so I shall go on! I don't remember a day without pain on and on 24/7 & fatigue to the point you afraid you gonna quit breathing! And sometimes on rare occassions you are afraid you're gonna live! I believe there are many of you who are saying gosh she knows what I am going 
through! Because of A-Z, I have had to learn to be creative about how I handle the day I have been given! See, each day is a gift from God! 

Yesterday is history......Tomorrow's a mystery......Today is a gift from God

Please before you get mad at me about hollering, know that I only meant it as a means of emphasizing a particular point! ; ) I don't holler at anyone even if sometime I feel like it! lol  Let me share with you some tips that have helped me savor life a wee bit more each day! I look at it like this; God gave me this day and only this day as my gift my present so do I open it too carefully or do I reflect for just a wee bit and savor my first cup of coffee as I contimplate just what I need to do with my present! You don't know this about me yet, but I said I am not afraid to share anything with anybody because I do care! 
Any ole hoo how, I am just like a kid when it comes to presents and I go at that present like a *frog ona junebug*! Thank you you shouldn't have! 
I take my present and descend on it with both hands after that wrapping paper and tear at it like that is gonna be the very last present I get! Everyone has their own way of opening gifts, I honor that but once in a while dive in head first and get in the deep end of the pool and just begin floating when you come up from the bottom! The sun kisses your skin and you feel the calm and comfort there as you float! Celebrate the kid in you and make that the most beautiful gift you ever received and don't forget to thank God for it!
I operate in the three p's, that is to say Prayer Pioritize Purge! Later dear so I will go on some more then! ; ) 

Bless your heart if you are still here don't mean for it to get to deep but somethings are just important enough to be shared! I accept the gift and say Thank you God! I open it with reckless abandon and then (this is hard cause I have ADHD and as you have seen it was always difficult for me to calm myself)....I am asking you at this time find a comfy chair and your coffee and a quiet place and maybe some peaceful music as you just
*quiet yourself*....meditate on the sights and aromas immanating from your surroundings! Light a candle and let its special fragrance waft over you and just bathe yourself in its light! Now give that day back and dedicate it to the Lord and dedicate that day to you and pledge that you are gonna be the most authentic and real YOU that you can possibly be!

When was the last time you did something good for no one but YOU?

One time I was with friends and I again commited the unpardonable sin! 
You see folks I forgot oops to tell the warden, pardon me, I mean my mother, I can pick on her, but nobody else better say an unkind word to my mother! So here I am playing the part of a nonchalant kid that is off in her own little world and having fun with her friends and not looking at the time! Again with that commiting sins again! Finally (I went away for awhile, but I'm back now!) lol :) I come back to Earth cause it was getting kinda dark and oh my dear Lord in Heaven up above Momma's gonna kill me and sheer panic washed over me Lord have mercy don't let her murderalize me to harshly!
Out of the blue I hear this cry for me, Where are you young lady? I don't need to tell you that was a recognizable voice my mother was on the prowl for one of her strayed wee lambs! Boy when you got called *YOUNG LADY*
it was all over but the shouting! I started to run home as fast as my little legs could carry me and much to my horror mom was coming toward me and she had fire in her eyes and her head looked like it was gonna bust open and out would come two heads that would just gobble me up! Young lady just where pray tell me where in thunderation have you been? I have told you time and time again that you have to ask my permission to go out of the house! 
Whereupon, I love this word and couldn't wait to use it in a sentence, but  digress, she proceeded to spank me in rythm with our walk back to the electric chair, I mean, home! Have...n't... I... told...you...that...I...nev...er... want...you...to...be...out...ta...(folks you get the picture of where I am going with this. I got musical spankings! lol ) & on ad infinitum ad nauseum...my house not un less I give you ex press per miss ion do you hear me is that per fect ly clear? Yes mam, oh please don't beat me!!! Now young la dy I have never beat you and don't plan on it! I care how you turn out and it is my duty as your mother to discipline you so you know right from wrong! And the old proverbial, This is hurting me more than it is you! OOOOHHHHH Really!!! Give me the belt and let's see!!! Then I said out loud, I'm sorry! 
We got home and momma is still as they say, *seething* and just giving me funny looks ever so often as I finished my homework! I was studying in English and the way I was having to learn things was read em out loud to myself!  My mother heard me and said Young lady are you trying to sass me? Well then what did you say, I'm waiting! I said timidly, "You is the understood subject! She and I just busted out laughing! That as always laughter can kinda clear the air! 

I had my reason for sharing that story cause it puts me in mind of the reason that I am writing this blog! 
You is the understood subject! :) Yes, YOU, great, wonderful,sweet, kind gentle, compassionate loving beautiful YOU! I am writing and sharing with you all of the things that I have learned and all the extensive research I have done because it matters to me about YOU my beautiful spoonie and foggie sisters in suffering! My army of "Walking Wounded Warriors" of whose army I am one too! Warriors have to rest too I have a great deal of trouble going to sleep and there is no napping during the daytime but to help myself I just lay or lie down on propped up pillows with some pretty pictures and take  a marker and mark what I would like to buy! All of the pretty colors minister to my mind my heart and my soul and spirit! My favorite color is purple and my grandaugher's favorite color too! Everybody say Awww ;) I don't stay there too long either, just enough that I had to take a load off for just about 30 minutes no cell phones, no home phones, soft music and maybe one of my sugarless chocolates! Breathe Deep, Breathe Deep, Breathe Deep!

Today while you are resting, I want you to sit right down and write yourself a letter I know you're already giggling, but do it! Get your pretty pen and paper to write the letter as if it is coming from your best friend forever! Colored pens work very well and inspire you! Write all the things good things that is imperative good things about yourself that you know your friend would write about you! This is YOU time so take as much time as you need! Finish writin the letter find a nice envelope and place the letter in it seal it and address it to yourself, uhuh to yourself and then go mail it! Trust me you willll forget about it (auga auga auga, the ole fibro fog horn) and then all of a sudden this letter comes in the mail for you and when you open it up it has things that will soothe your heart and soul! Like a surprise gift for that day! ;)

You know how a picture can say a thousand words well watch! 
Let your mind take you places you have always wanted to go! 
I have always wanted to go to Switzerland and unless I get well and take up robbing banks that won't happen! That doesn't matter to me cause I 
can get pictures of Switzerland off the internet and gaze at them and maybe see a slide show of pictures! Savor every little blade of grass, every flower, every mountain, every person that you see in your *picture journey* !
Be greatful for the eyes that you have they may not see as well as they used to but at least you have sight! Also, turn on the radio to those shows where they just talk and your imagination has to dream of things as you hear them! 
Try it you'll like it! :-)

Here's another way to take care of YOU and to see that you are kind to that inner child of the past! Ask for help! You really need to quit trying to do so much on your own! I have to ask for help for a lot of reasons and now I just try to use my sense of humor to solicitate som help! We need each other and what does that song say? People who need people are the luckiest people in the world! I need yall or you all, I say yall cause that was the way I was raised and that is the way most Texans say it!

Be good to YOU.....YOU are the only YOU.....that YOU have.......hugs 2 all my spoonie & foggie family and mostly Gentle Hugs to everyone who reads this info! Thank you ever so for dropping by just a wee bit of time and reading all that I have shared with you!!! God bless yall and God Bless America Again!
Can't tell I'm a Texan can yall? lol rotflol :()
Hugs Love and Prayer to you my friend whether you are a spoonie or a foggie of not because everything about you matters to me! I pray that all I have shared was of some help to at least one someone! I am your friend to the end!
{\O/} Psalm 91:11 Praying for you that God will keep His warrior protecting and ministering angels around you and guard you in all your ways!
Gentle hugs to yall (((((((Yall))))))) You are the understood subject!
*Smile*   *laugh*   *giggle* it is good for you and releases a thingy in the brain that is called *endorphins*  In dorf Ins (natural pain killer) to fight pain and fatigue and all other things that are hard to deal with!
Granted there is nothing to laugh about having these diseases but every day find something to laugh about, life not funny, laugh anyway and help others and find as many people as you can and hug em you know if you got em Hug em while you still have the chance! If you love somone give em their flowes while they can still smell em! Flowers with the fragrance of love grace and tender mercies to all that comes in your path, family and friends! My hubby Bud was gone in a flash but I had no regrets only because we said  I love you every day of our married life and in front of the kids we would kiss! That would grss them out, oh well, I'd do anything for one of Bud's kisses! We tried to teach love by showing love to each other!

Bear one another's burdens and thus fulfill the law of the Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ!

ok ok, I'm tired and I'm going already ok color me gone.....I couldn't sleep anyway and instead of getting mad about #painsomnia which tenses up every muscle in your body and make more pain, I get up make me a cup of tea and watch a movie on netflix or come to the puter and reach out to my family and friends! It is all according to your choices if it is to be, it is up to me! 
Don't forget now sweetie hand write your letter to YOU! I love you!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!

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