If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Meaning of Spoonies & Foggies!

I am not sure if this is a continuation of my blog before this one, but I am trying to get there.
Just a brief touch on the A Spoonie & Foggie is born.
When I was at Sister Dorothy Linscomb's home she taught me lots of neat things but the one that I remember to this day is how to blow bubbles with my bubble gum. I still remember how to do that and it has been a while since I have had a nice wad of bubble gum in my mouth. I remember also where I erred where bubble gum is concerned. I had gotten me a wad of bubble gum right before church, now don't get ahead of me yet, lol I was chewing it ever little bit and then my mom would look at me and I would just smile and stare real sweetly at her like I am still your little angel aren't I? We got all the things we needed to do to get into church and before we started to sit down we were read the riot act. You are to sit here quietly and don't talk and in fact don't breathe, well not really but when you are little they put the fear of God in you cause they are your parents. You sing a song you like over all of the hymns and as loud as you can because you are making a joyful noise to the Lord.
Mom is not thrilled about the noise so you try to be nice and it is just so hard for you to sit still and listen to that man hollering at you. You have already commited the unpardonable sin of "rattlin the bulletin" but you just can't stand it and need another diversion. Ahha well little ones don't say Ahha, but I digress, I still was harboring that wonderful wad of double bubble in my mouth. After all Mom and Daddy loved Sister Dorothy Linscomb and they would be so proud of me cause she taught me how to blow bubbles. Good I am sitting on the other side of my mom and dad next to Miss Dorothy and I stood up and I chewed real good and came out with the biggest bubble and I can't believe it but it not only was real big but in the House of God it popped really bigly and boy was I gonna take a trip to the switching tree for that!
Apparently my parents did not think this was such a wondrous thing to behold.
What I wanted to do in this one is to try to put this in reverse because I am sure there are many of you that are wondering what the heck are spoonies and foggies.
There is a way of having different words to address each other in the Fibromyalgia, Lupus and other invisible illnesses. That is to say a young lady came up witih a way of showing a friend how much it took out of her and her day to be able to do all that was required of her for that day. She took a handful of spoons and gave them to her friend and proceeded to take spoons away as she shared what she would need to do for that day. Each time she would say something she would take away another spoon. In other words at the end of the day there may or may not be enough spoons for the rest of the tasks of the day. Hence the word, "spoonies" for those with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, ME, Chronic Fatigue, MS, and so on. I think you see where I am going with this. Because of pain 24/7 for me anyway, it does not happen exactly the same for exactly everyone, and the chronic fatigue and more we do not always have what we need in the area of strength to get through most tasks.
There are days with this stuff, I feel like I am going to stop breathing and the last time I checked, it is hazardous to your health to stop breathing. There have been days that my hubby would ask what I had done that day and I came back with "I got up didn't I", and then I said out loud not much I have been trying to do something with the closet. Which was not exactly true unless you count staring at it and wondering how did I get here or the ever popular what am I here for?
This where the Fibro Fog comes in. I truly believe those that are afflicted with these diseases are folks with their brains re wired by some crazed chimpanzee. It is like our brain was put together and wired by a Master Mechanic and a professional. He has our brain all shiny and new all laid out on the operating table ready to put it back in after repairs. He has to leave
follow along with me if you please...and get something from the front of the shop. He has a pet monkey that got a hold of something that made him crazy and jumping up and down and getting out of his cage he runs around the whole room and sees your brain laying there. He proceeds to pick up a butter knife instead of the proper tool and starts wiring A with C instead of B and so on and so forth until we are hay wired! It is too late to do anything the damage has already been done and the Master Mechanic can't undo what the monkey did. He has to begin work on another brain which happens to be the brain of a normal (one who is not sick with this fm/cfids etc.)
This is how I liken our brains to being wired differently than other folks.
When we are on the right track of our train of thought something misfires and our train gets derailed and we forget where we were and completely lose focus. I personally remember many fibro fog stories in my files that to some people might have been funny and to others they might have thought it was just pitiful. I choose to go the funny route.
I left the house one day for what was supposed to be a short trip to Wal-Mart and I know I drove there because I got there. A feeling of panic swept over me and I started talking to the Lord. Dear God how did I get here and what am I here after? I did not even remember how I got there or even the trip there.
I knew I was in big trouble, but God seems to watch over me cause he knows the things that I have found myself in and He is such a compassionate soul! I knew there was not a soul in Wal-Mart could help me with my problem and the only one that was with me on the drive over was the Lord. That is the only way I got there safely without killing me or anyone around me!
I found a quiet area of the store and I chose the stationary sp? department. 
As I begin just whispering out loud to God please help me figure out what I came here for and help me be able to leave with everything I came for cause you know I forgot the list too, so I am skating on thin ice here God! Help me please sir! God uses a sense of humor to speak to me cause he knows his kid and that she can come back to Earth with something funny happening!
Well, He the Father did not disappoint His child. As I was praying out loud to try and keep focus and stay on one subject as you can see the Father listens to me with my run on sentences and He still loves me what a miracle right there.
Bursting forth through all my trepidation and panic was a little boy who just plain ole outright says "Mommy who is that lady and why is she talking to those envelopes?" Well that did it for me, I just started snickering under my breath and thoughts all of sudden came flooding my mind and I went through that store picking this and picking that and before I knew it I was at the checkout stand. I got all my belongings like someone grabbing up the spoils of war and the warrior had slain that dragon and go home hungry from the fight.
Folks, not joking here, when I got in the door I saw my grocery list and the what not yas list so to speak. I picked it up and just thought for kicks I would take everything out of the bag as I saw it on the list! I said, ok I got that check. I got that check and on and on. When I was finished the Father taught me that when you turn it all over to Him that He will do a perfect thing for you, all you have to do is ask. Every single solitary thing was checked  off perfectly on my list as if I had a list with me.
This is only one of the things that speaks of the word or name, foggies.
We call it as I said Fibro Fog and it is irritating when you are talking to someone and get stopped midstream in your conversation and something or someone is trying to change horses on you midstream.
I pray that there will be something of substance gleaned from this blog for each one of you!
Pain is inevitable.......Misery is optional.........May the God of Peace Love and Tender Mercies dwell in you richly today and every day!
Did you ever think that maybe God has Fibromyalgia He doesn't remember my sins any more! Praise His Holy Name + Gentle Hugs (((((((ALL)))))))


Doctor J. said...

Absolutely love what you said here and how you said it. The truths of our human suffering and God's interventions in our lives speak more then volumes of all the greatest sermons written by any men of any stature.
You have a gift to say what is on your heart, that is rare. I like you write what is there, I am not concerned with the technicalities of how it's said, grammar, punctuation, etc. I just pray that those reading get the message. Some do and some don't but is spoonies and foggies for everybody? I think not!... but God's special few and you are one of them.. God bless

Ellen said...

Ok folks this is me signing in to my blog.
No I am not gonna make a comment because I would like to show my twitter friends what I might possibly look like. You know kind of introduce myself. On twitter I have a purple avatar, whatever the heck an avatar is and I don't have a picture like everyone else.
So when I get out of here, I want to introduce my beloved best friend and my hubby Bud whom I talk about a lot! Gosh I miss him with all my heart but where he is now I can't get to because he is now with His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! His address is www.i'mhome.God +
I want this picture for my avatar in twitter but I have no earthly idea how to upload or download anything! Help Ok, I'm outta here!
Let's see what happens, my luck it will probably end up a zebra or some such thing! lol
Bye cycle *_*

Neon Rose said...

I guess I'm a spoonie & a foggie too! :)