If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things you can do that don't cost a cent!

There are so many things that one person can do that don't cost a cent that can impact the masses!

1.  First and most importantly is prayer.

Right now, we need to give the gift of prayer to our brothers and sisters who have been totally devastated in Alabama and the other areas that were hit by unbelievable amounts of tornadoes!

Please start a prayer vigil for our fellow Americans and then pass it on to another friend to pray and so on and so on!

The fervent and earnest prayer of a righteous one availeth much!

Prayer doesn't cost you anything but a little time!

Most especially of this time of devastation to life and devastation of land and whole cities being swallowed up in sheer wipe out of everything!

There are no words that can describe but you have words that can help!

Talk with our Creator our Lord and Savior about all that has been lost and pray for the multitudes to answer with funds to give into the need of the people!

Many of us may not have money to send and many of us can't do anything like go down there and help, but we do the things that we can do is pray that others will be touched to give into the need!

Some people I have heard I am sorry that all I can do for you is pray!

No that is a great thing and prayer is the Key to Heaven but Faith unlocks the Door! Beyond the open door there's a new and fresh annointing just ask for it that others might be saved!!!

My daddy always said "Why worry when you can pray?"

2. Give the gift of a cheerful Dispositon does not cost you anything but to care and that is so much to people who need people who care!

Those of us who are #Spoonies & #Foggies are suffering in a great deal of pain but many of us try so hard to keep a cheerful disposition about us whenever others are around! Each day there are many challenges and many times not enough *spoons* for the tasks that lay ahead! There are times that in the day about all we can do is get up and for some they are not able to do that! We call that "when we crash or we are having a flare" Crash and flare are almost the same in that *flare* is an increase in the volume of pain and fatigue! I always think when a nurse or dr. says on a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate your pain

You are kidding me right?
Could you maybe make the scale more in my range? 10 is not close and I don't do math it's against my religion! lol Could you please give me another question that I might even half way be able to answer? :PPP

Ok, I know this was give a cheerful disposition but while I am at it will try and explain about the other thing along with *flare* is *I'm sorry I will not be able to go with you like we planned* something like that is a *crash*! You make plans to go somewhere with someone for the fifth time and because fibro fog made you forget where your spoons were, you don't have enough spoons to complete the task of getting dressed! You keep thinking to yourself that I'm gonna keep at this so I can go out with my friend and not have to cancel again!

Right am I right??? hmmm I thought so!

So you don't call your friend and think I am gonna grin and bear it and I'll feel better later! Your friend knocks on the door and you can barely get to the door to let your friend in! And the all too familiar words end up coming out, "I'm sorry I will not be able to go with you because I can hardly move" if they love you they will understand and give you the gift of a smile and a cheerful disposition! The giving remember goes both ways so sometime you give a cheerful disposition and sometimes it is given to you!

I need to touch on this subject a bit more because many of us don't talk *sick talk* with our families so if they don't have Fibromyalgia they don't understand!
Sometimes I just have to check in with family and friends about what I am & all my Fibro My Angels have to deal with on a daily basis!

When a {\O/}FIBRO MY ANGEL{\O/}

CRASHES OR FLARES it is hard for US to understand yall have no idea! If you are just now reading this take time to make time with your family member or friend that has Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and most times we have combos of many other related invisible illnesses!

Please remember and never forget when you are around your family member or friend that has FM/CFIDS ETC. Don't just say how are doing and leave it at that! If they are any thing at all like me, they just smile and say "I'm fair to partly cloudy" or something glib like that in order to laugh a little and then change the subject! One time, just one time really ask them to tell you what a day in their life is like! Then for the first time be ready to listen really LISTEN to them!

Remember also they are not griping when they tell you the plain simple facts of living with Fibro etc and living in spite of Fibro! 

You might be surprised to find out they have some fascinating coping skills ok my writing has turned to black and was doing green in order to make it easier to read! Oh Well, you can't say I didn't try! Anyolewhohow, on the same subject at the first of my sentence here!

You might be surprised at some very unusual things that have happened and some funny fibro fog stories! The majority of us have gone forty kajillion dr's in search of answers to unexplained pain and fatigue and about a compromized immune system disease! Immune Disorder Disease and Irritable Bowel System goes along with these illnesses or diseases!

Look at this for a while, the word disease if you take it apart it is spelled like this: DIS = dis connection of the mind to the body network and somehow or other where pain is concerned the mind is sending pain messages to the body that is in a foreign language and there is no place on the computer for translation so the body is continually in pain 24/7 like me! It is like there is a button on the computer to help the body stop the pain and the brain is trying to tell the body that it should not be in pain but the poor body has been so messed up that it is not receiving the proper signals to how to turn that button to off!
What's more the body is searching for the button and the computer has hidden it from view!

Look at this for a while:EASE the other part of the word *disease*
Ease means a way to make something comfortable and a means of getting things done without effort!

PLEASE Remember and never forget we {\O/}FIBRO MY ANGELS{\)O\}may have broken wings and are not defined by our illnesses but we are still visible and need hugs even though they hurt to hug...HUGGING....is very needed!!!

Sometimes all I can do is cry, not pity party cry, but just can't find the words to pray like I am feeling in the depths of my very soul! It feels like the disease goes very very deep down and is trying to draw the very life out of me! Can anyone testify, I know I know you can! Fibromyalgia cannot touch my soul! +

Wish I knew how to put a video here with the song from the Isaacs a gospel group that came here in concert! The song is "He Understands My Tears"
Look on my facebook page and I am posting it there, it speaks volumes to me!

Please remember and never forget that no matter what you or we are going through sometimes we cry and then we smile in order to show the strength that we gain from looking to the Lord to help us through another day!

If the ship of your life is tossing on the sea of strife, you need someone and if your body is in pain and your health you can't regain you need someone!
I give you Jesus, He's the peace that passeth all understanding, oh oh oh my friend I give you Jesus!!! + <3 the plus sign represents the Cross and the heart is for His Love for you and me! Therefore, It was not nails that held our Savior to the Cross of Calvary, it was LOVE that held HIM there! His great love that held HIM there to pay for and suffer that our sins might be cleansed and that we might have eternal life!

Now, I am out of spoons, so my lovelies, I love you all that read in my lil ole reading room my blog, Take time to make time to give of yourself it costs you nothing and it will benefit you and the person receiving your gift! When we are kind it releases endorphins in the body to both participants and you may not know it but endorphins is the God given pain killers!

Give and it shall be given unto you! Pray for me as I pray for you! + <3

Until next time May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You Til We Meet Again!

Hugs, Love and Prayers, your friend to the end, Ellen + <3

P. S. Please pray for my Mother as she fell the day before Easter and we spent Easter Sunday in the ER because of all of her pain! Her name is Jane and she is a sweet Christian lady! She is having a lot of pain in her right leg and hip and upper and lower back! We are so thankful to the Lord that she did not break anything when she fell, but she is bruised and in so much pain! I so treasure your friendship and your love for us and most of all your prayers are so treasured!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boys & Girls can anyone say Twilight Zone?

This blog today is brought to you by the letter T. Yes, T for I don't know maybe traumatized or terrified or tremendously nutso doctor!!! ugg

One day my hubby comes in from work and says I need to talk with you about something honey! You see, I have been hearing about this doctor that has been getting some results with people with Fibromyalgia! Ok, now is just fine with me to go so let's go right now! Hang on honey, we can't go right now but I wish we could and get you out of all that pain that you are in!
Am just so excited that I can't even think straight enough to call for an appointment! My hubby always was there at the ready to give a solution to a problem whether mine or the children's! I'll call honey you just go sit down and breathe real slowly and get calm again!

He called and came back in the living room where I was sitting in one of our comfy chairs that lean back and it also has my heating pad on it! I have learned that the heat calms the muscles in my lower back, so I keep the heating pad going a lot! It however does not stop the pain I have never been convinced that anything at all helps alleviate that pain of fibro! By the way, not negative meant here just stating the facts! Bud sat down with his great big ole glass of tea and said when my appointment was scheduled! We talked for a long time about our hope that this doctor would be able to give me some hope and some help!

Boy was I ever gonna need to lay in a load of spoons for that day that I would go to this new doctor!

The night before I layed out all my clothes and was attempting to get as much done ahead of time so that maybe I wouldn't run out of spoons just trying to get dressed! For the "normals" this is no big deal, it comes so easy to them regarding getting dressed and ready for a dr appointment! Honey, let's get up so you will have time to get ready, excuse me, do you have any idea what time it is dear! Yes, you know how slow you are about things just thought I would get you up a little early to give you that time that you need!

Wow hon, aren't you thoughtful, I'll find a way to thank you for waking up at a quarter til dawn! I guess I'll have  to go kick the rooster so he knows it is time to crow and wake the town, lol ;) Good Lord it's morning no no Child say it like this: Good morning Lord what are you up to? Please let me be a part of it in Jesus name love and blood! Father, that does sound better please forgive me for speaking in that manner, grow a better and more positive attitude in me and Dear Lord I'm grateful to you for all the many things that you do!

Ellen honey how are you coming with getting ready? I'll be ready as soon as I can Bud Can you please get me another cup of coffee darling? Thank you!
I know I know I only have my hair to do and get on my clothes and boy am I tired why? I just need to sit down and rest a while and then maybe I can get going again! Enter the big bad bully Chronic Fatigue and I came to rob you of your life but I am a cruel demon and I will leave you just breathing barely!
I am so running out of spoons and I have more things to do to get ready!
Bud gets me to the dr's office while it is just turning day and I enter another cold too cold waiting room!

Hi I'm Ellen Williams and I am here to see the doctor! Go ahead and have a seat the dr will be you as soon as he can! Sitting there reading every old magazine that was ever written and time goes crawling by 2 hours, 3 hours you've got to be kidding me 4 stinking hours! Mam how much longer is it gonna be till I see the dr? Hon if you go take your seat we'll be with you in a little while!

Meanwhile, I go over the magazines and I can overhear a conversation not far from me! Have you seen him or heard from him today, I thought you had and I'm gonna call over there and find out what's going on because he's got a room full of patients that always is not good people get out of sorts! Dr _____
are you coming in today or not! You have a room full of rather upset patients so you will be here in a little while! Ok bye!

Later, my tail bone I think has become part of every dr's office chair that I have been in and this one feels like I am gonna need a tail bone transplant!
Yes, mam the dr will see you now will you please walk this way!
I told her if I could walk that way I would not be here and then I said out loud, Yes mam thank you Ok hon the dr should be with you in just a little bit!
Waiting some more Lord have mercy I didn't bring enough spoons for this or some such thing (didn't know of the Spoonie Theory at the time, just knew there was something stealing my strength)
Enter the *I use the word loosely* doctor!

Hello Mrs. Williams how can I help you today? Oh my Lord dear Lord what am I seeing in front of me? You could by showing up for work and stop making people wait in your waiting room for hours on end, and then I said out loud : I am glad to meet you!  Why do you have your breakfast all over your very loud tie? And your shirt looks like you drained the bacon on it!

Well mam hop up on this table and let me have a look at you (you are confusing me with someone who can hop) you willl have to help me up on that high table!  and see where the problem is!

Now in walks terrified and starts me shaking in my boots!

What do I see but tethered at the end of this dr's wrist is a Great Big Ole
German Shepherd Dogggg big dog big d o g!!! do do do do dod od od can anyone say Twilight Zone?

Doctor why are you turning me every which way but loose and you have had your breakfast I can plainly see is the big dog gonna eat me for lunch?

Owww that hurts that really hurts bad I know mam, am just trying to adjust your body, To what a pretzel? Whatever you do, don't make a wish! I am not a wish bone you can just pull apart! Well, let's finish killing you and I will feed you to the dog, well not exactly but you couldn't have convinced me of that!

In walks tremendously nutso doctor after we get through here I want you to make another appointment so that I can finish tearing you apart! Oh please God if you let  me live I will go be a missionary in the deepest darkest part of Africa!!! Let me be able to go home to my hubby and my children!

Dear Spoonies and Foggies, why did it have to mean going to sooooo many
doctors to come up with a diagnosis? Fibro is called a Chronic Illness yet
Medicare only recognizes Diabetes and Conjestive Heart Failure as the two most chronic diseases and when they were here, they did not mention another chronic illness! I asked the man why not Fibromyalgia, He said that they do not recognize Fibromyalgia as a chronic illness! Oh REALLYYY!!!

Then why do millions of people know that is an ongoing progressive illness and is Chronic to a multitude of people the world over!

We need to ban together and write our congressmen and tell Medicare that it is not fair that Fibromyalgia is not recognized as Chronic Illness!!! GRRR

We must stand for something or we will fall for anything!

Fibromy Angels unite and we must win this war against Fibromyalgia and many other invisible illnesses! It is not gonna give and we must all say well


The Father did not give us a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind even if the other people in the room was about two tacos shy of a combination plate! I kind of paraphrased this didn't I, but you get my drift! lol : )

I have been dealing with a flare that has hit and looks like it is not planning to go away for a while, have to just take one day at a time and never worry about tomorrow because God is already there! Praise His Holy Name! +

P. S. Please remember and never forget I love you and even though you don't comment I pray for all who come to my lil reading room! Yall come back now ya heah! {\O/} Psalm 91:11 Praying God's warrior protecting and ministering angels around you all! YOU are special to Him!

Dear ones who are here would someone teach me how to or give me directions to upload my facebook photo to here and my twitter account!
I have had no luck and have trouble trying to remember what I heard on video so if any kind soul would help me, I would be eternally grateful!

Until next time my lovelies, may the good Lord bless you real good! I am new at this thank you for your patience I have had trouble getting the right color and background but I continue on just for YOU!!! (((((All)))))

My family goes If it is gonna happen to anyone it will happen to Ellen!
I went to my blog at 3 am #painsomnia woke me up so I went to my blog and found that someone had changed my language to Hindy! Ok whatever that is but it's funny huh? : )

I could have gotten mad, but I chose Happiness over gloominess and I came out the winner! Every choice in life has its reward or consequence so pray about everything and don't worry about nothin' !!!
Pain is inevitable.......................................Misery is optional..........................

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You've got to be kidding me!

Dearest Spoonies & Foggies & all those who come to read in my lil ole reading room,

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a young lady who was minding her own business, was attacked by a vicious foe called Fibromyalgia!
Fibro what she said, Oh please Mr. Fibro sir, please don't hurt me!
Sorry I have my rules and regulations this is gonna hurt me more than it will you! Where have I heard that before, enter Momma and the way the young lady was disciplined! She is still reeling from being attacked by Mr. Fibromyalgia and she cannot believe this kind of pain can go on and on and yet it does!

You've got to be kidding me!
This is not terminal oh really then why do I feel as though I am in the last stages of cancer or some other terminal disease?

So the young lady on the arm of her beloved hubby go to the
doctor and after waiting for a quarter past forever she finally gets to see
the doctor! She is filled  with terror for she has never been comfortable
with going to any doctor! What is he gonna find is wrong with me at this
time she hasn't got the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, she and her hubby
are still trying to find out reasons for this horrible pain!

She's tries to just breathe and tries to calm herself before the doctor
enters the room! She is quietly praying, please God let this one
find out what is wrong with me so I can get back to my regularly
scheduled life already in progress! She thinks this is also more problems
in the financial department! The insurance only pays some and then
the rest is on her and hubby! When is that doctor going to get in this
room so we can get this over with?

Finally, here he is and what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. keeping
me waiting so long and putting me into an anxiety attack? Then she
said out loud It's nice to meet you too doctor! What can I do for you
mam? Well for starters you can give me something to stop this awful
pain and help me get some relief from this torment that I am in!

What do you think is causing me so much pain doc?

Ok mam, I don't know yet what is causing you so much pain, but
let's do some tests! Oh no you've got to be kidding me!
More tests, why? I have been to so many doctors about this and I have
got to get some answers or I'm afraid for how much longer this
can go on!

Well, mam I am not going to be able to make a determination without doing some testing! Oh ok, let's get it over with!
Ok, mam if you will put on this dressing gown and I will call you when I am ready for your first test, First test is that to indicate there will be more following? Ugggg :(

You've got to be kidding me! This is not a dressing gown, there is
nothing about it to indicate that you feel dressed in it and besides
that this dressing gown is suffering from *acutegaposis* in the back
it is very drafty in the back! lol :D And while I am at it Is it
completely necessary for every doctor to have it 10* below
zero in their offices? Whatever is plaguing me, I don't do cold
well at all, my hands and feet are always cold and now I feel
so much colder that I have this excuse for a dressing gown on!

While I am waiting I'll just read this magazine that has no websites
in it and no wonder it was published by the cavemen! I have read
so many old magazines in a kazillion doctors waiting rooms that
I think I could quote them chapter and verse!

Finally, Mam, if you will come this way we need to get some
xrays of your body and we want you to lay still on this old cold
steel table while we do your xrays! Ok, now I have *i sick cells*
hanging off my earlobes and my dressing gown of course is not covering
or keeping me warm like I am needing! The young lady is so
overcome by freezing temperature that her muscles seize up on her 
and she starts shivering and has to be completely still! Yuck
when is this stuff gonna be over?

Mam, we want you to come back to our lab in 40 eleven dozen weeks
for another test that we can't do today!

Meanwhile we need for you to go clear across the country to our
blood testing office and get about 15 vials of blood drawn, well
not 15 but there were a lot of blood tests done!

We have some medicine that you can take for the pain and we hope
that will fix you up for a while! Huh, what do you mean a while?
I'm gonna need something pretty strong to fight this pain and
fatigue! I'm so tired my tired is tired!!! Please do something sir
please do something or I may go play in the traffic!

The young lady is so mad she could chew nails and spit rust!!! grrr
You've got to be kidding me! Why is just getting ready for another
doctor's appointment such a killer for me energy wise I can't seem
to catch a break!

Weeks go by and Lord have mercy another doctor's appointment for
the doctor to do more tests!

Mam, this is called and MRI and we take pictures of things going on 
in your spine! We're gonna send you through this donut hole and you 
have to be perfectly still for the pictures to come out well! 
Hey doc, you've got to be kidding me! Can anyone say
Clostrophobia afraid of closets and other tight places! Thanks
doc, I really wanted to have another panic attack!

Fine, let's get it over with! ok, so here we go, now be real still! 

My point dear folks is that we have all had to endure too many 
costly tests that always come out "normal" and then you get the 
terrible news! We can find nothing physically wrong with you so 
this must be all in your head! Give me a large personal break and 
you've got to be kidding me cause if this were all in my head there 
is no way that I would give myself so much pain! If I could control 
it don't you think that I would control the pain volume too? 

Has these scenarios happened to anyone here, odds are they have 
on many occasions? Almost everyone I have talked with have told me
basically the same thing! The doctors said that it was *all in my head* 
I have been totally disrespected and misunderstood and it has been 
hard on my family as well! It just gets old, you know, to them to have 
to help me where I used to be able to do most things I set my mind to!

I used to be a secretary-receptionist and love that I have always 
loved typing and I love meeting new people and I love holding on 
to my old people, er I mean my old friends! 

I used to be a music director and that was funny how God worked all 
that out! I was an Avon lady and loved that cause since I discovered 
make up and hair styling it has been a joy to help other ladies find 
what they want! 

I used to be a great wife and mother and I took great pride and joy in being
that to my hubby and my children! I just feel like no one needs me 
anymore and they only call me every once in a while! Wish they would 
call me at least every weekend!

Excuse me I digressed, I happen to be guilty of that a lot more than I wish! With fibro fog (a confirmed foggie) and adhd, my mind takes turns being like this: 
ok, now somebody tell me why am I writing my blog and all of a 
sudden I take a while but I find myself staring at the screen of my 
computer! Then other times my brain is making my thoughts run 
wild and my mind is going 90 miles an hour or minute! 

I am trying to tell you this story of one of my myriad of doctors who 
told me THIS IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD (again not hollering just 
making an emphasis of different things like in this case it seemed as
though the doctor was screaming an accusation in my face and ears!)

In my over 30 some odd years of fighting this dreadful disease and
going 25 years without a diagnosis, and way too many doctors of every
sort and fashion I have not been able to obtain all the answers that I
want! I am diligently seeking and doing extensive research to get the
bottom of this mysterious dreadful debilitating disease!

You've got to be kidding me! what do you mean you CAN'T FIND
I am not lying about all the symptoms that I have and how they
all puzzle me to distraction! Is the word can't find a cop out for I
don't want to take my valuable time to go into this far enough to get
answers for you and thereby gain relief for you and all the other
Walking Wounded Warriors!
I had one doctor that told me I can't treat you anymore because you have a multiplicity of symptoms and I will have to bounce you around to more doctors! He didn't actually say that but that is what happened! He referred me to an internist that was from Peru and excuse me I do not speak
Peruvian and he had trouble speaking English so we were just a
great pair!

I got to crying from the pain one day so badly that my best friend had to come back with me and she had to explain to the doctor what was going on, I was there but not exactly because I could bearly speak because the pain would take me almost out of consciousness! Not kidding here, not kid ding!!!

Father...Oh Father, Father forgive them for they know not what they
do! Father in Jesus name love and blood just now I release these
doctors to you and burden their hearts for the ones that need their
help! Please Oh Father, help us to walk in Forgiveness today just for
today and let tomorrow take care of itself because we know that You
are already there, Father! Father, please help us all to not just look
at the problem but *see* past all the pain and see with our Father's
eyes what He perceives from all that is going on with us!

This is my prayer in Jesus name love and blood I humbly pray all these
things Amen <>< {\O/} Psalm 91:11.......Psalm 9:1.......Psalm 119....

@Ilove you all .com :D Please leave your comment and your suggestions
in the space provided, if you think of a topic that is plaguing you please
share it with the class and I will read it and do my best to come up with
an answer for you or some semblance thereof!

Hugs, Love and Prayers, your friend to the end, Ellen

P. S. I would love to share a picture of my hubby and me on my blog and
it makes me feel good to have him with me like this! My problem is
I don't know how to upload anything! Is there one of my friends that
could help me??? Thanks a million!!! :D

Peace comes in the midst of the storms of life whether it be illnesses, pain or loss of a loved one or however your heart has been broken, you press on because nothing in the world can take the place of persistence! I always say
Prayer Patience and Persistence will help through so many rough places!
Remember I love you all and yall come back now, hear!!! ; )

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Walking Wounded Warriors"

Dear Spoonie & Foggies and all who read here at my blog,

Do you ever feel like you have been mortally wounded and just left for dead but the cruel joke is that even though you feel like you died...:( you are left breathing!) Breathing and receiving more blows and attacks against your body mind, heart soul and spirit! Awww come on Reeaaalllyyy? Let's see now, where does this barrage of weapons end? What's a body to do? Do you ever feel how much more of this can one human stand? Apparently, we seem to be
able to withstand more than the human heart can bear! 

Ahh yes the human heart is a very fragile creature and it must be fed a very special diet! Each day it must receive a diet fortified and enriched with a heaping helping of love overflowing to make it grow and flourish and thrive!
No human heart can make it without this main ingredient and there is no 
substitute for it because love overflowing makes the world go round! The heart is a wounded warrior from blows received many years ago that are still healing and you are the doing the walking! It has been found through extensive research that the only thing that can heal a wounded heart is Forgiveness!

The human heart has to look deep within to focus and concentrate on this thing called Forgiveness! It doesn't count unless it is genuine and sincere Forgiveness given to another human heart who has wounded it!

Our doctors, dear spoonies and foggies have wounded our hearts with constant barrages of "This is all in your head!" and the ever popular "I can't find anything physically wrong with you!"!!! Even though we know we are not making this illness up and God knows it too and it has wounded our human heart to the core, we must still help and teach that human heart to forgive!

The only way a human heart can be healed is through Forgiveness!

The Bible plainly states that the only way to be forgiven is through you taking the walk into forgiveness! I know it is hard I have had a lot to forgive and am still working on it daily! Right now, I ask your forgiveness that I have not been able to get a blog out every day, but I am one of the "Walking Wounded Warriors"and I have been having trouble finding more spoons!  

As I tell my Stories, I will allow you to know things I sure do wish hadn't
happened and the emotions with them! Be assured that all the emotions were shared at the time they were going on! Because of Forgiveness, I don't walk in all that rage anymore or in all that emotions of fear and disbelief anymore!

I said, Father how can I forgive all that has been done to me and how do I handle all that I have seen and heard and had done to me that I could ever
as you say, Forgive and you shall be forgiven! See Father that Easy for you
to say and Difficult for me, you are divine and I am not divine!

Child have you not read the Bible and have you not seen and heard that I was also put through things beyond belief and I forgave! Did I not say when I
was being crucified "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

Child when were you crucified and hung on a cross to die in torment?

I was not crucified sir! Yes sir I remember that and I am so sorry that you had to suffer that!

Child am I gonna have to take you by the scruff of the neck and drag you kicking and screaming like a little puppy? Well, sir I may have to be one of those stubborn puppies it might take that I'm sorry! One thing Child stop saying you're sorry you are not a sorry person so don't say that ok!

Ok, why do I have to go through all this forgiveness stuff? Do you do this to all your children? Child you need to have more patience and just calm yourself do you think I am gonna take you to a place where I cannot keep you and comfort you and protect you?

So folks that is how I got to a place called *Fogiveness* and it took one night all night long of stubborn crying until I thought I am never gonna be able to cry again, I think I have cried every tear that I will ever be able to cry!

The Father took me from one place of choice to Forgive to the other all night long of saying in Jesus name, love and blood I cannot see this person but I forgive them for their sin against God and me! (I was to forgive them even if they were no longer alive) The Father took me all the way back to my childhood from the time I was first abused as a baby! Wow this was a very long path He took me down, maybe down but He lifted me up too in the end of it all!

Does anyone remember that beloved old hymn called "I Surrender All" and when you start it out it goes....All to Jesus I surrender all to Him I freely give I will ever love and trust HIM in His presence daily live! I surrender all!

That is what the Father taught me that I surrender all is a vow unto Him!

He taught me that is to be a daily vow, each day I surrender all of that day to Him so that if I have to forgive someone something It will come easier!

As a spoonie I don't have any trouble forgetting things so even if I do forgive
I must try to forget that situation except for one thing! That is if my remembering what I was walking in can help someone else by what I was taught, then I am to share all of it with someone it can help!

I want to be the Oasis a cold drink of water in the Desert dry thirsty land of fear and pain and illness that my experience tells them I do know and I do understand because I have walked in their shoes!

Uh oh, folks my dear spoonies and foggies I am running out of spoons and must pack it up and mosy on down to the old corral!

Happy Trails to you until we meet again! :) 

Please remember and never forget that I am doing this for us all and it may take me a while to find my way back here, but I will get here as soon as I can!
We are all "Walking Wounded Warriors" but remember battle scars happen but scars are a sign of Healing! That is what the Father wants for us!

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against God!

When you forgive you do it for yourself that frees you from a prison of walking in anger, that is a desolate place to walk! Choose to walk even though wounded, in Forgiveness and choose Freedom for yourself and a place where you grow and beautiful flowers of light in the Garden of your Heart! This is a beautiful place to walk full of choices that will heal us, "Walking Wounded Warriors"!!!

Father, help us "Walking Wounded Warriors" to walk in Peace Love and Joy each and every day so that our hearts reach out to others! Please help us daily to walk in Forgiveness to the healing of our hearts and wounds! Thank you!
In Jesus Name, Love and Blood + Amen {\O/} Psalm 91:11

I love you all and look excitedly and expectantly to your return here!

Ok, am I ready to publish this post, I guess I am cause I am definitely out of spoons now! All who come here you are most welcome whether you are a spoonie or a foggie I Love You because It Matters to me about you!!!  (((((((ALL)))))))