If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Her "church" said:"Throw her out she has lupus and God is punishing her for her sin!

Dear Folks,

I just have to address this! Naw sir this ain't happening NOT on my watch!
I will not let my friend down I am coming to her aid! I love my friends! period!

You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! Or some such thing

I am as mad as a hash waitress looking at a nickel tip! GRRR

I don't have to curse to get my point across there are a lot of wonderful letters in the alphabet that can be put together to make beautiful words! I make no judgements, this is just the way I roll as they say!

You just don't throw people out the church door because they are sick that in of itself is sick if you ask me! My friend has lupus and other things that plague her just like all us spoonies and foggies! They threw her out of the church because since she has Lupus etc. they figure in their narrow little one sided minds that she is being punished for a sin that she has commited!
Scuse me, but horse pucky,I have heard of some crazy hair brained nutso idiotic sick irrational things happening but from a church! Oh come on church wake up! People are not disposable, trash is disposable, not people!

Ok, where do they get off playing God, huh bad portrayal if you ask me!

Yeppers, I said it in the title, they threw her out of the church because she had lupus and they figured in their tiny little narrow minds that God was punishing her with lupus!


My Father & her Father does not operate that way because He says in Jeremiah 29:11 I can't quote it verbatum but look:
For (I AM) know now that the plans(I AM) have for you(my child) are to prosper you(my child) and plans to help you(my child) & never harm you(my child) and to keep you(my child) (protect you with my warrior protecting and ministering angels) in all your(my child) ways!
Have mercy on this wicked old world Lord, those people are of their father the devil and if they got what they deserve for their sin against my friend, well I hate to think!

Lupus, Fibro and all the other invisible illnesses or any other diseases are not given to us by God they are heaped on because of sin against us! Which is to say that bit by bit we are being poisoned by our own Earth! Look at all the additives and preservatives and bleached flour and bleached sugar and the spraying of our land that goes on all the time right under our own noses!

Man has gone over his limit of destroying man and hunting season is over!

How in the world could one man harm another man or woman without counting the cost? Why does man keep turning ON man instead of turning TO man? It is a puzzlement to me to my dying day!???

Folks, I say when reading the labels on food and I recommend reading them all, I have to protect myself and you need to protect yourselves! No one else will do it if not you then who? I say dear folks if you can't pronounce it or you can't read it or you have never heard of it, then I would pass on it! That is my humble opinion! I have even heard that in some ice creams there is lighter fluid aw come on give me a large personal break! Really Really??? But they have
proven it somewhere and I don't smoke neither do I like the taste of lighter fluid! I don't know maybe I'm funny about that but I would call that poison to the system, immune or otherwise!

I believe that all the trouble started out something like this in the food dept.
If you lived like I did way down south and all that good old southern cooking and southern living! Well with us whatever it was ....was fried in lard! Anyone recognize that? Yeppers, my breakfast would consist of fried eggs in bacon grease that might have been setting out all night! Gosh doesn't that sound appetizing? Then some big ole slabs of bacon fried till it was good and crispy! Well you just can't leave without having a big ole pile of grits with lots of sugary syrup on it! While you are using that sugary syrup let's pile you up with some good ole stacks of hot cakes or pancakes or griddle cakes(depending on where you come from)sweet girl now you don't forget yore sugary syrup on that!  Oh my goodness honey you just got to have some of my good ole biscuits with lots o butter slathered all over it! Now honey you eat them biscuits while they are hot because if you don't we can paint em black and put them in the hockey league for their hocky pucks! Sweetie now you run to the ice box and get me some of that good ole sugary blackberry preserves to put on your biscuits! Wash that down with a big ole cup of chickory coffee,(cajun coffee,Seaport)you put a spoon in that stuff and hope to come back with a spoon! lol it was thick that a spoon sometime could stand straight up!
Course now if you like you might rather drink this old cow's milk that has been sitting around all day and we're gonna make clabber out of it in just a little while! Boy now don't that make you hungry for milk, milk nowadays with all the hormones in it gives me joint pains when I drink it cold or any way! Needless to say I don't do not drink milk anymore! I drink Silk! soy milk at Wal-Mart!
(note aside:since I have been on Gluten-Free diet the next day after I started have not had one pain like labor in my gut or tummy and that was the story of my life since I was a little girl! Praise The Lord!!!)

Folks it is up to us to be careful that we watch  what we allow to be put in our mouths, that head can shake two ways, either yes or no, not maybe, there is no shake for maybe! Everything starts with your elbow!
I said that to say this: The elbow connected to the wrist and the wrist connected to the hand and the hand is connected to the fingers and the fingers is connected to the spoon and the spoon is connected to the plate and the plate is connected to the table! Take your little spoon and scoop up what's good for you and make your elbow bend to bring the hand and wrists up to your face and open wide and put it in your mouth, chew up real good and enjoy it! Savor and be thankful for your food! You may do what you will but we say a blessing before we eat our food and we still hold hands at the table!

Good food will make you feel Good! It is real simple!

I handle simple better than complicated I can't concentrate for that long!
Because of pain I cannot concentrate like the normals (folks without illnesses)
You know how to eat an elephant? One little bite at a time!
I also have adhd, I use to be hyper active, but since I got Chronic Fatigue
there is no hyper and there is no active! This is why I had so much trouble sitting still in a sermon, it was just sheer torture for me the lil kid and I didn't even know why I was that way! Later a long time later, I was told I had a learning disability no I am not afraid to admit anything maybe it will help someone else who is needing to say something about it and give them a gentle nudge! Nudge Nudge Nudge someone you are important and you are not stupid or dumb because you have so much trouble reading and comprehending what you have just read! That is what I was called stupid and dumb and didn't care and didn't apply myself and so many names I can't count, maybe I am glad I have fibro fog since I can't remember all the names I got called! No I take that back I am not glad I have fibro fog or anything related to it! I was told that I would never be able to read properly and would probably never amount to anything! I wonder why I climbed trees to get away from people and reach out for God to take me to Heaven! Please God come get me I hate the world! Get me outta here please God! People are cruel God! Make em stop please!

One time my teacher gives me this paper with a great big RED F on it! My paper looked like it bled to death! The kids got it away from me and started showing to all of the class and I kept trying to get it and the teacher just kept reading! I got up crying and sobbing and snotty and ringing wet with perspiration from the embarrassment! I flew to the girls bathroom and locked the door by sitting in front of it and wouldn't let anyone in and esp not that teacher! She comes running, now honey why you have to go and run away like that! I wouldn't answer her and she tried again, You need to come back to class and I told her I'm not coming back and you can't make me you should have stopped them when you heard me crying so loudly! Well now about that I am sorry and I promise wha wha wha wha wha wha wha enter Charlie Brown's teacher! Nope too late heard too many promises that was broken over and over, so I guess NO! I stayed in that bathroom with my little heart breaking into little pieces and I did not leave til I heard the last locker slam! Then I ran home out the door and flew til I got home and thought I was gonna have a heartache, I mean heart attck! My heart was attacked! This was to be one of many times I went home from school crying because the bullies were after the dumb blone girl and the stupid stupid stupid! You're an idiot they screamed you can't even read you got a F on your paper na na na na na! And then came the ever popular beginning of
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ask me if it's real, it is so real! Another time!
The teacher assigned the reading tables and I didn't hear my name called and I asked her and she said well hon I didn't call your name because you are in this
army green yucky sicky looks like throw up book! The rest of the class reading from the purple beautiful book that only smart kids can read! So you sit over here at your table and they will sit at the rest of the tables and you have no one else reading at your level so I am sorry you will be sitting at the table by your stupid dumb sorry excuse for a human being self!
Now some of these things she did say but a child hears what a child hears and a child perception of themselves is very fragile and they hear and read between the lines! I was there when it happened so I really oughta know!

Don't tell me that PTSD doesn't exist this is a shining example of why it does!
In my humble opinion, this stuff can make you sick and so many of us are suffering in silence! The world is just too busy to care, one day it is gonna be too late to care anymore! No one really wants us to tell them how we really are! I asked my family to please stop asking how I am! What do I say, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! whew I need more spoons help!

I was abused as a baby of 4 years old and they got my little sister too and told us if we tell they would kill us now ain't that a nice thing for a baby to hear!
Help me understand something here how seductive was I at 4 years old? Did I have come hither eyes? What did I do to make them hurt me like that?
We lived in a tiny town in the down south area of Louisiana and we had to live with relatives a lot because we were poor! Daddy didn't always have a job in his line of work! I was told at one time we were dirt poor and I thought How can we be dirt poor when all I see around me is dirt!
Ok I am your life and I will be playing the part of another bout with PTSD for your perusal I give you a trailer scene 1:boy and girl cousin playing with little girl, that would be me, I am playing the part of an innocent baby not quite dry behind the ears and not knowing a lot about anything being dragged into this trailer where we were gonna play! Bull!!! Close scene 1:fade to black and commercial stand by Scene 2:baby with her mother and daddy at supper what just happened to her and how her innocence was stolen? Why would someone want to hurt a baby? Because they are sick in sin and of their father the devil!
This is a little baby that just got through singing Jesus Loves Me in Sunday School and she loves Jesus so much! She trusts people too much! She will go up to them and hug em and say *pay fo you* and pat em on the leg!
Pay for you is baby talk for Pray for you if your sick Jesus will heal you!
Scene 3: next day enter cousins baby not go with them Mommy I want you!
Mommy I don't wanna pay! play...When I was 5 we had moved and my little sister was born and as we grew up there were more attacks on our bodies, hearts minds spirits and souls! We ended up having to go back to Louisiana!
God have mercy on the babies!!!
There was another family member on my daddy's side of the family that made it his duty to harass, shall we just say harass for the sake of not cussing!
He made it his duty to harass my little sister and me and I did not even know they got my little sister either! I was like her guardian angel and I protected her vehemently I was like a warrior when it came to my little sister! If I had known I might not be free here behind this blog that I am writing to you!

I have gone all around Robin Hood's Barn to say something because I feel if I can get results and answers it was worth the trip!

Now you cannot tell me that these kinds of evil things being put upon God's babies will not cause a huge blow to their physche(soul)then you tell me what does? Because of physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse well who do we see walk in the door but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! How did you survive this torture? I removed myself from anything and was frozen in time!
Refused to feel or think or almost breathe! In my heart of hearts I believe that most people who are the Walking Wounded Warriors have been abused!
Let's pause for a mo and look at that word!
AB = Abnormally + USED Do you see where I am coming from on this word
See you take it apart and you can see my point! I have to take a lot of things apart to understand them!
Therefore I give you my case in point! The story at the beginning of my friend
ostracized from her "church" because she had lupus and they considered that meant she had sinned!

This is abuse plain and simple just nasty ordinary stinkin thinkin abuse!!!

There is no disease that is known to mankind that overtakes you that God had anything to do with! That is a place that God never intended you to be cause like the song says:Yet the God of the good times is still God in the bad times... and the God of the day is still God in the NIGHT!
Hence, a star shines it brightest in the dark night sky and the take away for my friend and for all of you my folks, if indeed bad things happen to good people God can take that bad and make it into good for the sake of His children!
So dear one do not despair you "got along without em before you met em, gonna get along without em now"!!! love this song too!

Dear Folks forgive the anger I am not wrapped up in it cause that causes my pain get worse because it makes my muscles tense up and I am at peace within the midst of this storm! In the strongest storm in the center of the storm is the most quiet and peaceful place! Jesus is the center of all of our storms of life and we just have to reach out and ask to have a little talk with Jesus!

He is at the Throne of Grace, Love and Tender Mercies and is ever interceding for our souls!

Father in Jesus Name Love and Blood I ask that mighty rushing breath of God blow over all of us today and be in this blog I pray please let it touch something in everyone who reads and posts and bless those also who do not post! Father,  breathe new life into this blog that it may be totally of thee O Father answer the cries of my heart for all my family and friends! Please speak peace into my friend who was so viciously attacked over having lupus calm and comfort her puzzled and harmed heart bathe her with Your Precious Holy Spirit from the top of her head to the souls of her feet! There is nothing too difficult or nothing is impossible with Thee O Holy Father! + Please speak healing into the bodies of all your Walking Wounded Warriors the spoonies and the foggies and any invisible illnesses that could ever touch YOUR own!

Forgiveness is the key to unlock the prison of your heart, I mean it, it works!
It will set you free from all that pain and hurt from the past, take care of your inner child of the past and protect them now from any further hurt!

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to thee my Lord, Savior, Redeemer and Best Friend, you are my bff Jesus forever and forever! Tell my hubby I send my love again tonight! {\O/}Please take my message to Heaven for Bud! Thank you Jesus for my chance to blog! :) *_*

If I helped one person tonight Dear God, my labor is not in vain!
Ok dear folks I have to let this ride for your perusal, I am out of spoons but I never stop loving you! Could some dear soul email me some spoons can't find mine lol :) Feel the fog rolling in auga auga auga, here the fog horns!

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!

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