If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Quit Breathing, the truth!!!

One night rather late at night, we had to call the EMS! I felt as though there was an elephant on my chest, was afraid I may be on the verge of a heart attack! My bp was very high & because of the two things combined, the EMS took me right to the ER! Upon getting there, they immediately got my clothes off & put me in one of those designer gowns suffering with acute gaposis in the back! They asked how I was feeling & I said I would be honky dory if they could get this elephant off my chest! They said just give us a little time to do an EKG & take an Xray so that we can determine what we need to do! They did that & then they gave me some nitroglycerine! Something went very bad, all of a sudden I began having a seizure & jerking my head uncontrollaby on the hospital table! I went out & I heard later that one of the nurses said, She quit breating & she started hollering for everyone to get in there & bring the crash cart to do everything that they could to bring me back & she said Yall had better hurry, her heart rate has gone to 20, apparently that is not a good place for your heart to go! So, nurses & doctors & all kind of people I was told later came flying into my room! They all I was told were working on me to try & get me back & said we need to bag her, I learned later that meant I needed a larger oxygen mask than the nose canula that delivered oxygen to you! My little sister & mother were in the room & she said I scared her to death when I was jerking & having seizures on the table. They quickly scooted both my little sister & mother out of the room so they could work on me! They finally deduced that I am allergic to nitroglycerine & it must be put on my chart! I guess God still had more for me to do or I would not be here today!       

My heart doctor said he wanted me to have a pacemaker put in me to regulate my heart & keep from ever having a heart rate of 20 again! Everything went along swimmingly for a while! Then the doctor that was going to do the surgery came into my room to explain what was going to happen, for which I was glad as I have never been good nerve wise & all about any surgery I have ever have! She said I would be picked up from my room & put on a gerney, ? not sure of the spelling! Then they would take me to the OR to be prepped for the surgery! In other words, I would have an IV inserted for anethesia to be put in! She said, laughingly, we will give you something to make you kinda loopy! The time came for them to pick me up & as she said they gave me something to put me kinda under! As they administered the medicine in my IV, I started feeling tired & then as she was operating on me to insert the pacemaker,  I realized that every cut or incision she was making, I was feeling! Then something went horribly wrong, the more she cut the more excruciating the pain was! I started praying that I could wake up enough to ask her please stop or administer some more medicine! It was to no avail, I was under to the point I couldn't wake up & ask for help! Because I was feeling everthing, it felt like an eternity until the surgery was over! Finally, it was over & I was still groggy, just still couldn't come out of it! I was in the hospital for 5 days! I am still recovering from the pain of the incision! I didn't tell my surgeon about my ordeal until my next visit with her! She said she was awfully sorry, but that had not happened to her in 10 years! Oh my goodness, to think that things like this can happen to other people! I have not been on my blog for quite a while, I have been very ill for quite some time! On top of all the things I deal with on a daily basis, I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease! They had to change my gown & bed linens because I was shaking so much that I spilt first my coffee all over me & then they had to change them again because I couldn't stop shaking that I spilt all of my orange juice all over me & my bed clothes! When I first started my blog, spoonies & foggies (fibro fog) I had every intention to keep it up, but too many things hindered me that I was not able to do what I really enjoyed what I was doing! Remember like Mac Davis' song said, "Whoever finds this, I love you" Whoever reads this I am praying for you, God's warrior, protecting & ministering angels to camp around about you! We must pray for each other for we do not know what our sisters in suffering & brothers too! I care & love all my fellow "Walking Wounded Warriors" I try not to go around telling my "organ recital" in other words, this hurts &  that hurts! I have found that complaining doesn't help others nor me! With us fibro suffers, Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional! I only say any of these things out of love because you know that I am walking in your shoes! May God our Heavenly Father bless you all & keep you safe & give you peace & comfort! Till we meet again, I love you with  all my heart! Hugs, Love & Prayer, Ellen <3  Psalm 91:11 +