If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Spoonie & Foggie is born!

When I was a little girl there wasn't much you could keep me out of. I would try to get my fingers in every pie nearby. lol   
My mother said that I was a ball of fire and a magpie and once I learned to talk that was all she wrote as the old saying goes.  Many the times I would stay up as long as the grownups would because I remember being afraid that I would miss something.
As I got a little older I had an awful hard time minding my p's and q's whatever they were and was not sure how you minded them.  I knew however that you mind your mom and daddy or you would have to go pull a switch from the switching tree.  I always told my mom I had to be a model child or I would've been beat to death at least that was my thinking.  You had to mind those p's & q's especially in church.  Again with minding things out of the alphabet that didn't have any rhyme or reason to it, I just knew what was expected of me. 
The preacher would preach and the singers would sing and the ushers were the pass arounders of the plate is what I perceived in my little brain.  At the time I believe my brain had not been harmed yet.  We spoonies and foggies had to have some kind of a beginning so this was my beginning.  I remember after church sometime I would go home with one of the kind sisters of the church. 
One afternoon after church I went home with Sister Dorothy Linscomb and she spread out a fine lunch for Brother Linscomb and me. I bet you want to know what that Southern Belle maid for this Southern Bell in waiting. Ok, you twisted my arm, I'll tell you already. Hold your taters. We had "Southern Fried Chicken & Mashed taters n gravy" and lots o butter did I say lots o butter just wanted to make sure that that was in there.  It might have been lard I had plenty of that while I was growing up. Sister Dorothy brought in this great big ole plate of homemade cornbread and a jar of her homemade blackberry preserves that she canned herself. I never quite understood how they could call it canning when what I saw was a jar.  She had a nice bowl of turnip greens with fresh cut turnips floating all in them greens.  I remember a distinct smell of fat back or maybe it was just bacon grease for flavor coming out of that steaming bowl of vegetables. There was corn on the cob that just melted in your mouth and more butter slathered all over and running down your wrists.  That was a feat in of itself to get all that food down and when I was ready to beg for mercy, she would bring in another dish of some kind. I didn't know any better than to eat all that fatty food, that was our way and I didn't know anything different.  Oh boy, she went and did it, just wait it's coming.  She would teach me a lesson that to this day I have never forgotten. (I have to stop now and lay in another load of spoons and set and rest a spell. I'm so tired my tired's tired. oh my goodness can't tell I've never blogged 
before.) lol  : )                                                                           

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Amanda said...

awesome Ellen!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your blogs!!
Great job!
**gentle hugs and spoons to you my dear spoonie friend**