If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Listen doc, if you can't understand at least be understandING! darn ;(

Let's start at the very beginning but first how many of you actually went home and wrote yourself that letter?
I did it and it should be in my email and on its way back to me if they are not still using the pony express! lol ;)
This is very important because you will see in many cases this is gonna be a new beginning for you! Trust me please!

I don't remember a day in my life when the task for the day was to see how Ellen was feeling! My mom would always go Honey can I get you somthing? Yesm, you can get me a new body! NOW would be good for me!

In the beginning I must have been born sick because I had tonsilitis a lot when I was a little girl and some I think I was still a baby! I still don't have my tonsils out and I have sung in Christmas & Easter cantatas, I am talking the high part! Somehow I got through it the singing part anyway! This is not bragadoious or anything cause what is is what is! Now, hold your ears real tight cause I am gonna sing some opera for you! lol No really, I studied opera for 41/2 years while I was carrying our first child Bless her heart she was as they say a very captive audience! lol ; )
This all going back to the part where they still weren't able to catch me long enough to have my tonsils removed!
I had a beautiful voice teacher and she had the honor of being one of the youngest ones to be accepted into the Metropolitan Opera! She was also a spy in the war and don't get too upset yet, she was working for the good guys!
My teacher had a very rich life and history and she was a joy to work with!
When I would tell her, Laura I am hurting so bad because I've been trying to get everything ready for the baby!
She goes I know dear there is a lot to do when you are getting ready to bring home a baby! Do me a favor and *sing through the pain* !!!
Even when she did not understand, she knew how to be understandING! She has always been the epitome of such a sweet understanding person, I need her now!
No one in my family understands but they try to be loving in their own way! Even so, if I say I can't one of them comes back with a smart remark about the word can't!

The word *can't* has never been in my vocbulary either but when Fibromyalgia came to stay he changed things a lot! He also brought with him his buddies, Chronic Fatigue, Immune Disorder Disease and Lupus! They brought along buddies too Where, in the hinghang am I gonna put everybody? hmm:]P whew!
Irritable Bowl Syndrome and his brother, Degenerative Disk Disease came along for the party well so to speak! "Lookie here you guys no one invited yall to the party as you say, so why don't yall stay here and I will move away!" I am sorry to say these uninvited guests have moved in to stay and it looks like they have no plans of getting their own place!
So now I am stuck everyday to waking up with a house full of nasty hateful unrelenting and mean to the core guests! They're all meaner than a junk yard dog grrrr(Help Elllen get her coffee)
What do you mean you and Chronic Fatigue had other things that yall wanted to do? Yeah I bet, I'm telling yall you better choose cause someone has to help Ellen get her that coffee like now is good for me! Let IBS do it he spends all of his time in the bathroom and hardly gives anyone a chance to get in there!
No DDD can't get it because everytime he tries to walk he loses his balance and has already fallen just the other day the 23rd of March! What on Earth
do you mean can you have some of what I am drinking? I don't drink anything but water and coffee and tea so don't go all smarty britches on me! 
Note to self:I gotta go get some breakfast and have my quite time!
brb ok <3 U hon!
Ok I'm back now and wanting to share some more with you that I hope will be important! (Before I forget try to write that letter to you know who! lol)
I am just wondering how many things we still have in us that might should have been taken out and was not?
Still have my tonsils for what that might be worth! Boy, it's seems like the more I know the more I know I don't know!
Was that as clear as mud, well I think you get the picture!
I am gonna check this now and find out how I need to rework it or whatever!
brb in just a little while!

Ok, I'm back now! There is no chance in heck of me getting my tonsils out now!
However, just to get you updated, remember that I have been on a Gluten-Free diet since March 7, 2011, I have to tell you something! The day after I started the diet and dairy free also 
sugar free (I am a registered *sugarholic* so that was a hard one!
So since that time 3-7-11 I have not been plagued by one stomach pain or ache or when I have to go don't have to feel like I am in labor everytime I go! That had been the case all of my life and I am on my soap box telling you if you have IBS go on this diet, you will not be sorry! Don't do it because I reccomended it, do it as a favor to the taking care of YOU! God knows there is precious little of that going on where our dr's are concerned! Now not all dr's are this way, just most of the ones that I have come in contact have been! They wouldn't know understandING if it jumped up on em and bit em in the butt!

Case in point I give you Theodore .........
I took off 2 weeks of my vacation of being Quality Control Billing Clerk for GTE Directories Corp. to try to get well!
Mom set up the appointment for me befive I flew there to stay with them!
Morning of the appointment comes I am as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, trying to get ready in the midst of a panic attack! Mom, I said oh Mom do we have to go, I don't even know him and I am not fond of them anyway! Aww, honey you wanna get well don't you...yesm I am already so tired I think I am going to stop breathing! I finish fixing my face and combing strike that out brushing my hair and away we go to Theodore's haunt I mean office! As I figured Mam I need you to fill out some papers and we want you to fill it out in triplicate since we don't care how you feel, we just want that almighty dollar from you and your insurance! We will call you as *soon* as the dr can see you and it might be a while cause had an emergency this morning! Excuse me already and it is not hardly daylight! Then I said out loud, yes mam do you have a pen I can borrow? Thank you!
4 hours later enter: Theodore you have got to be kidding me kid I don't think so Mom let's go! Then I said out loud, nice to meet you too I need you stop my pain yesterday and I am having trouble walking on my hind legs! Well, get up here on my table and...am gonna do that *HOW???*  Do you realize how high that table is I need help! You can make it just do it and let's see how high I can get your legs to go up to your neck? EEEEEEhhhhh doc what are you doing making me cry like that? You sure are overemotional aren't you? okie dokie you doc you get up here and let me wrap your legs around your neck and see if you don't scream t000! Under my breath, JJJJEEERRRKKK!!!!! Well I was just testing to see how flexible you are and I am trying to help you! OHHH REEEALLLLYYYY! Is that they call it nowadays? Don't help me I didn't come here to die!!! I have to do some more tests *again with tests that I have not studied for* and then we shall see! I'll be back in a little while you and your mom just stay here! An hour later Theodore comes back in the room! Ellen I really don't see anything physically wrong with you! I have studied and all of the tests came back ok! I really think this is all in your head! All in the head huh you really want to give that diagnosis? I am not making this up doc do you think I would make up this much pain and illness if it were up to me? HUH
Frankly, Ellen I personally think that you have a split personality you know schitzoprenic! GRR Theodore you did not
just say what I thought you said!!! grrr
Well Theodore you quack you jerk you
sorry excuse for a human being if that is what you think of me YOU CAN LET MY OTHER HALF PAY YOUR STINKING BILL!!!!!! Where did you get your diploma off the internet? Jerk
Funny I never heard from Theodore anymore and funny thing I never got a bill from Theodore! Alvin come and get Theodore and put him back in his cage!

More yep, but another time and if Bud were here he could share some too!

In a world full of illness, strife and pain there is still PEACE with God! I edited this just a wee bit to fit my #sp00nies and my #foggies needs and all those who have pain of any kind!!! This is off of the book by Billy Graham from his book called "Peace with God"! I just used a little author's license to say what I needed to say!

Until next time dear ones, I bid you peace above all else and pray God's angels to camp round about you!
{\O/} Psalm 91:11 and Psalm 9 and the song "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin in me! Let me live with my brother and sister in perfect harmony!

May God bless you and keep you til we meet again + Remember I love YOU!

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you my Lord and my Savior and Friend!
Needless to say I am not so keen on dr's who are so egotistical that if they can't find an aswer they make something up!
Far be it from them to admit they're only human and sometime dr like Theodore doesn't have all the answers!
Vanna can we buy a clue for Theodore?

In closing I reiterate *If you don't understand at least be understanDING!!!

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