If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Walking Wounded Warriors"

Dear Spoonie & Foggies and all who read here at my blog,

Do you ever feel like you have been mortally wounded and just left for dead but the cruel joke is that even though you feel like you died...:( you are left breathing!) Breathing and receiving more blows and attacks against your body mind, heart soul and spirit! Awww come on Reeaaalllyyy? Let's see now, where does this barrage of weapons end? What's a body to do? Do you ever feel how much more of this can one human stand? Apparently, we seem to be
able to withstand more than the human heart can bear! 

Ahh yes the human heart is a very fragile creature and it must be fed a very special diet! Each day it must receive a diet fortified and enriched with a heaping helping of love overflowing to make it grow and flourish and thrive!
No human heart can make it without this main ingredient and there is no 
substitute for it because love overflowing makes the world go round! The heart is a wounded warrior from blows received many years ago that are still healing and you are the doing the walking! It has been found through extensive research that the only thing that can heal a wounded heart is Forgiveness!

The human heart has to look deep within to focus and concentrate on this thing called Forgiveness! It doesn't count unless it is genuine and sincere Forgiveness given to another human heart who has wounded it!

Our doctors, dear spoonies and foggies have wounded our hearts with constant barrages of "This is all in your head!" and the ever popular "I can't find anything physically wrong with you!"!!! Even though we know we are not making this illness up and God knows it too and it has wounded our human heart to the core, we must still help and teach that human heart to forgive!

The only way a human heart can be healed is through Forgiveness!

The Bible plainly states that the only way to be forgiven is through you taking the walk into forgiveness! I know it is hard I have had a lot to forgive and am still working on it daily! Right now, I ask your forgiveness that I have not been able to get a blog out every day, but I am one of the "Walking Wounded Warriors"and I have been having trouble finding more spoons!  

As I tell my Stories, I will allow you to know things I sure do wish hadn't
happened and the emotions with them! Be assured that all the emotions were shared at the time they were going on! Because of Forgiveness, I don't walk in all that rage anymore or in all that emotions of fear and disbelief anymore!

I said, Father how can I forgive all that has been done to me and how do I handle all that I have seen and heard and had done to me that I could ever
as you say, Forgive and you shall be forgiven! See Father that Easy for you
to say and Difficult for me, you are divine and I am not divine!

Child have you not read the Bible and have you not seen and heard that I was also put through things beyond belief and I forgave! Did I not say when I
was being crucified "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

Child when were you crucified and hung on a cross to die in torment?

I was not crucified sir! Yes sir I remember that and I am so sorry that you had to suffer that!

Child am I gonna have to take you by the scruff of the neck and drag you kicking and screaming like a little puppy? Well, sir I may have to be one of those stubborn puppies it might take that I'm sorry! One thing Child stop saying you're sorry you are not a sorry person so don't say that ok!

Ok, why do I have to go through all this forgiveness stuff? Do you do this to all your children? Child you need to have more patience and just calm yourself do you think I am gonna take you to a place where I cannot keep you and comfort you and protect you?

So folks that is how I got to a place called *Fogiveness* and it took one night all night long of stubborn crying until I thought I am never gonna be able to cry again, I think I have cried every tear that I will ever be able to cry!

The Father took me from one place of choice to Forgive to the other all night long of saying in Jesus name, love and blood I cannot see this person but I forgive them for their sin against God and me! (I was to forgive them even if they were no longer alive) The Father took me all the way back to my childhood from the time I was first abused as a baby! Wow this was a very long path He took me down, maybe down but He lifted me up too in the end of it all!

Does anyone remember that beloved old hymn called "I Surrender All" and when you start it out it goes....All to Jesus I surrender all to Him I freely give I will ever love and trust HIM in His presence daily live! I surrender all!

That is what the Father taught me that I surrender all is a vow unto Him!

He taught me that is to be a daily vow, each day I surrender all of that day to Him so that if I have to forgive someone something It will come easier!

As a spoonie I don't have any trouble forgetting things so even if I do forgive
I must try to forget that situation except for one thing! That is if my remembering what I was walking in can help someone else by what I was taught, then I am to share all of it with someone it can help!

I want to be the Oasis a cold drink of water in the Desert dry thirsty land of fear and pain and illness that my experience tells them I do know and I do understand because I have walked in their shoes!

Uh oh, folks my dear spoonies and foggies I am running out of spoons and must pack it up and mosy on down to the old corral!

Happy Trails to you until we meet again! :) 

Please remember and never forget that I am doing this for us all and it may take me a while to find my way back here, but I will get here as soon as I can!
We are all "Walking Wounded Warriors" but remember battle scars happen but scars are a sign of Healing! That is what the Father wants for us!

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against God!

When you forgive you do it for yourself that frees you from a prison of walking in anger, that is a desolate place to walk! Choose to walk even though wounded, in Forgiveness and choose Freedom for yourself and a place where you grow and beautiful flowers of light in the Garden of your Heart! This is a beautiful place to walk full of choices that will heal us, "Walking Wounded Warriors"!!!

Father, help us "Walking Wounded Warriors" to walk in Peace Love and Joy each and every day so that our hearts reach out to others! Please help us daily to walk in Forgiveness to the healing of our hearts and wounds! Thank you!
In Jesus Name, Love and Blood + Amen {\O/} Psalm 91:11

I love you all and look excitedly and expectantly to your return here!

Ok, am I ready to publish this post, I guess I am cause I am definitely out of spoons now! All who come here you are most welcome whether you are a spoonie or a foggie I Love You because It Matters to me about you!!!  (((((((ALL)))))))


Anonymous said...

You post this in the right time for me... and many others.
Melissa aka @PrincessLilla

Anonymous said...

Hello darling Melissa aka @PrincessLilla,
It warms my heart to see you here dearheart!
I have not been able to get back into twitter because as you know I have been walking in a flare for a pretty good while! Also we need your prayers dear friend, I fell on my birthday and having more graduated back pain! Mom has really been having pain with her hips and what little bit I can help her, I try! I miss all my twitter friends please give them my love and prayers and I have not forgotten my followers! Please send them all my love and prayers and ask them to come to my blog for comfort in all that they are walking through! I am so thrilled that you were helped or whoever signed in, Praise to our Almighty Father if I help one, my efforts are not in vain to help those in pain! I love you dear and please stay in touch! <3 U
Love Ellen aka @Layce777 Psalm 91:11 {\O/}

Anonymous said...

Ellen... I always read your posts but I actually had time to post a comment!!! They are always inspirational! I'm so sorry to hear about all that is going on =( I have you and your mom in my prayers and I will also add to my church's prayer list tomorrow honey!
I also just fell, so I can feel your actual physical pain there! Awaiting xrays, its most likely a broken rib.
Despite the fall, happy belated birthday beautiful!
Love, hope, faith, and prayers!
Melissa/PrincessLilla =)

Anonymous said...

Awww sweet lady, I am so glad that you have been reading them and that you like them! Most of all that they helped you and were inspirational to you! You are such a sweetheart and I miss you a lot cause you are always so encouraging to me! Thank you so very much for your continued prayers for me and mom!
I am so sorry that things are happening this way for you too! How did that fall happen if you don't mind my asking? With me, it was just get up to walk from living room to kitchen and my left knee just buckled and popped and I started to lose my balance and down I go! I fell in a chair but I fell sideways in it so I know that it wrenched it but nothing broken!Gonna make a tshirt with this on it!
*Walking is hazardous to my health!* lol :)
I always say, Life is life and stuff happens! I hate that you broke your ribs, owwiieee honey!
Don't forget that I love you with all my heart and you are always in my daily prayers! Hate that I missed the spoonieparty today, boo hoo bet it was fun for all!
Hugs, Love and Prayers, your old friend, Ellen
{\O/}Psalm 91:11 Praying God's angels for you!<3
Would you please ask our sisters in suffering on twitter to come read my blog I want to help all us Walking Wounded Warriors! I pray they will have a laugh or two and receive inspiration too! All my sisters are so important to me cause we are walking in the same shoes!