If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You've got to be kidding me!

Dearest Spoonies & Foggies & all those who come to read in my lil ole reading room,

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a young lady who was minding her own business, was attacked by a vicious foe called Fibromyalgia!
Fibro what she said, Oh please Mr. Fibro sir, please don't hurt me!
Sorry I have my rules and regulations this is gonna hurt me more than it will you! Where have I heard that before, enter Momma and the way the young lady was disciplined! She is still reeling from being attacked by Mr. Fibromyalgia and she cannot believe this kind of pain can go on and on and yet it does!

You've got to be kidding me!
This is not terminal oh really then why do I feel as though I am in the last stages of cancer or some other terminal disease?

So the young lady on the arm of her beloved hubby go to the
doctor and after waiting for a quarter past forever she finally gets to see
the doctor! She is filled  with terror for she has never been comfortable
with going to any doctor! What is he gonna find is wrong with me at this
time she hasn't got the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, she and her hubby
are still trying to find out reasons for this horrible pain!

She's tries to just breathe and tries to calm herself before the doctor
enters the room! She is quietly praying, please God let this one
find out what is wrong with me so I can get back to my regularly
scheduled life already in progress! She thinks this is also more problems
in the financial department! The insurance only pays some and then
the rest is on her and hubby! When is that doctor going to get in this
room so we can get this over with?

Finally, here he is and what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. keeping
me waiting so long and putting me into an anxiety attack? Then she
said out loud It's nice to meet you too doctor! What can I do for you
mam? Well for starters you can give me something to stop this awful
pain and help me get some relief from this torment that I am in!

What do you think is causing me so much pain doc?

Ok mam, I don't know yet what is causing you so much pain, but
let's do some tests! Oh no you've got to be kidding me!
More tests, why? I have been to so many doctors about this and I have
got to get some answers or I'm afraid for how much longer this
can go on!

Well, mam I am not going to be able to make a determination without doing some testing! Oh ok, let's get it over with!
Ok, mam if you will put on this dressing gown and I will call you when I am ready for your first test, First test is that to indicate there will be more following? Ugggg :(

You've got to be kidding me! This is not a dressing gown, there is
nothing about it to indicate that you feel dressed in it and besides
that this dressing gown is suffering from *acutegaposis* in the back
it is very drafty in the back! lol :D And while I am at it Is it
completely necessary for every doctor to have it 10* below
zero in their offices? Whatever is plaguing me, I don't do cold
well at all, my hands and feet are always cold and now I feel
so much colder that I have this excuse for a dressing gown on!

While I am waiting I'll just read this magazine that has no websites
in it and no wonder it was published by the cavemen! I have read
so many old magazines in a kazillion doctors waiting rooms that
I think I could quote them chapter and verse!

Finally, Mam, if you will come this way we need to get some
xrays of your body and we want you to lay still on this old cold
steel table while we do your xrays! Ok, now I have *i sick cells*
hanging off my earlobes and my dressing gown of course is not covering
or keeping me warm like I am needing! The young lady is so
overcome by freezing temperature that her muscles seize up on her 
and she starts shivering and has to be completely still! Yuck
when is this stuff gonna be over?

Mam, we want you to come back to our lab in 40 eleven dozen weeks
for another test that we can't do today!

Meanwhile we need for you to go clear across the country to our
blood testing office and get about 15 vials of blood drawn, well
not 15 but there were a lot of blood tests done!

We have some medicine that you can take for the pain and we hope
that will fix you up for a while! Huh, what do you mean a while?
I'm gonna need something pretty strong to fight this pain and
fatigue! I'm so tired my tired is tired!!! Please do something sir
please do something or I may go play in the traffic!

The young lady is so mad she could chew nails and spit rust!!! grrr
You've got to be kidding me! Why is just getting ready for another
doctor's appointment such a killer for me energy wise I can't seem
to catch a break!

Weeks go by and Lord have mercy another doctor's appointment for
the doctor to do more tests!

Mam, this is called and MRI and we take pictures of things going on 
in your spine! We're gonna send you through this donut hole and you 
have to be perfectly still for the pictures to come out well! 
Hey doc, you've got to be kidding me! Can anyone say
Clostrophobia afraid of closets and other tight places! Thanks
doc, I really wanted to have another panic attack!

Fine, let's get it over with! ok, so here we go, now be real still! 

My point dear folks is that we have all had to endure too many 
costly tests that always come out "normal" and then you get the 
terrible news! We can find nothing physically wrong with you so 
this must be all in your head! Give me a large personal break and 
you've got to be kidding me cause if this were all in my head there 
is no way that I would give myself so much pain! If I could control 
it don't you think that I would control the pain volume too? 

Has these scenarios happened to anyone here, odds are they have 
on many occasions? Almost everyone I have talked with have told me
basically the same thing! The doctors said that it was *all in my head* 
I have been totally disrespected and misunderstood and it has been 
hard on my family as well! It just gets old, you know, to them to have 
to help me where I used to be able to do most things I set my mind to!

I used to be a secretary-receptionist and love that I have always 
loved typing and I love meeting new people and I love holding on 
to my old people, er I mean my old friends! 

I used to be a music director and that was funny how God worked all 
that out! I was an Avon lady and loved that cause since I discovered 
make up and hair styling it has been a joy to help other ladies find 
what they want! 

I used to be a great wife and mother and I took great pride and joy in being
that to my hubby and my children! I just feel like no one needs me 
anymore and they only call me every once in a while! Wish they would 
call me at least every weekend!

Excuse me I digressed, I happen to be guilty of that a lot more than I wish! With fibro fog (a confirmed foggie) and adhd, my mind takes turns being like this: 
ok, now somebody tell me why am I writing my blog and all of a 
sudden I take a while but I find myself staring at the screen of my 
computer! Then other times my brain is making my thoughts run 
wild and my mind is going 90 miles an hour or minute! 

I am trying to tell you this story of one of my myriad of doctors who 
told me THIS IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD (again not hollering just 
making an emphasis of different things like in this case it seemed as
though the doctor was screaming an accusation in my face and ears!)

In my over 30 some odd years of fighting this dreadful disease and
going 25 years without a diagnosis, and way too many doctors of every
sort and fashion I have not been able to obtain all the answers that I
want! I am diligently seeking and doing extensive research to get the
bottom of this mysterious dreadful debilitating disease!

You've got to be kidding me! what do you mean you CAN'T FIND
I am not lying about all the symptoms that I have and how they
all puzzle me to distraction! Is the word can't find a cop out for I
don't want to take my valuable time to go into this far enough to get
answers for you and thereby gain relief for you and all the other
Walking Wounded Warriors!
I had one doctor that told me I can't treat you anymore because you have a multiplicity of symptoms and I will have to bounce you around to more doctors! He didn't actually say that but that is what happened! He referred me to an internist that was from Peru and excuse me I do not speak
Peruvian and he had trouble speaking English so we were just a
great pair!

I got to crying from the pain one day so badly that my best friend had to come back with me and she had to explain to the doctor what was going on, I was there but not exactly because I could bearly speak because the pain would take me almost out of consciousness! Not kidding here, not kid ding!!!

Father...Oh Father, Father forgive them for they know not what they
do! Father in Jesus name love and blood just now I release these
doctors to you and burden their hearts for the ones that need their
help! Please Oh Father, help us to walk in Forgiveness today just for
today and let tomorrow take care of itself because we know that You
are already there, Father! Father, please help us all to not just look
at the problem but *see* past all the pain and see with our Father's
eyes what He perceives from all that is going on with us!

This is my prayer in Jesus name love and blood I humbly pray all these
things Amen <>< {\O/} Psalm 91:11.......Psalm 9:1.......Psalm 119....

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in the space provided, if you think of a topic that is plaguing you please
share it with the class and I will read it and do my best to come up with
an answer for you or some semblance thereof!

Hugs, Love and Prayers, your friend to the end, Ellen

P. S. I would love to share a picture of my hubby and me on my blog and
it makes me feel good to have him with me like this! My problem is
I don't know how to upload anything! Is there one of my friends that
could help me??? Thanks a million!!! :D

Peace comes in the midst of the storms of life whether it be illnesses, pain or loss of a loved one or however your heart has been broken, you press on because nothing in the world can take the place of persistence! I always say
Prayer Patience and Persistence will help through so many rough places!
Remember I love you all and yall come back now, hear!!! ; )

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