If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things you can do that don't cost a cent!

There are so many things that one person can do that don't cost a cent that can impact the masses!

1.  First and most importantly is prayer.

Right now, we need to give the gift of prayer to our brothers and sisters who have been totally devastated in Alabama and the other areas that were hit by unbelievable amounts of tornadoes!

Please start a prayer vigil for our fellow Americans and then pass it on to another friend to pray and so on and so on!

The fervent and earnest prayer of a righteous one availeth much!

Prayer doesn't cost you anything but a little time!

Most especially of this time of devastation to life and devastation of land and whole cities being swallowed up in sheer wipe out of everything!

There are no words that can describe but you have words that can help!

Talk with our Creator our Lord and Savior about all that has been lost and pray for the multitudes to answer with funds to give into the need of the people!

Many of us may not have money to send and many of us can't do anything like go down there and help, but we do the things that we can do is pray that others will be touched to give into the need!

Some people I have heard I am sorry that all I can do for you is pray!

No that is a great thing and prayer is the Key to Heaven but Faith unlocks the Door! Beyond the open door there's a new and fresh annointing just ask for it that others might be saved!!!

My daddy always said "Why worry when you can pray?"

2. Give the gift of a cheerful Dispositon does not cost you anything but to care and that is so much to people who need people who care!

Those of us who are #Spoonies & #Foggies are suffering in a great deal of pain but many of us try so hard to keep a cheerful disposition about us whenever others are around! Each day there are many challenges and many times not enough *spoons* for the tasks that lay ahead! There are times that in the day about all we can do is get up and for some they are not able to do that! We call that "when we crash or we are having a flare" Crash and flare are almost the same in that *flare* is an increase in the volume of pain and fatigue! I always think when a nurse or dr. says on a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate your pain

You are kidding me right?
Could you maybe make the scale more in my range? 10 is not close and I don't do math it's against my religion! lol Could you please give me another question that I might even half way be able to answer? :PPP

Ok, I know this was give a cheerful disposition but while I am at it will try and explain about the other thing along with *flare* is *I'm sorry I will not be able to go with you like we planned* something like that is a *crash*! You make plans to go somewhere with someone for the fifth time and because fibro fog made you forget where your spoons were, you don't have enough spoons to complete the task of getting dressed! You keep thinking to yourself that I'm gonna keep at this so I can go out with my friend and not have to cancel again!

Right am I right??? hmmm I thought so!

So you don't call your friend and think I am gonna grin and bear it and I'll feel better later! Your friend knocks on the door and you can barely get to the door to let your friend in! And the all too familiar words end up coming out, "I'm sorry I will not be able to go with you because I can hardly move" if they love you they will understand and give you the gift of a smile and a cheerful disposition! The giving remember goes both ways so sometime you give a cheerful disposition and sometimes it is given to you!

I need to touch on this subject a bit more because many of us don't talk *sick talk* with our families so if they don't have Fibromyalgia they don't understand!
Sometimes I just have to check in with family and friends about what I am & all my Fibro My Angels have to deal with on a daily basis!

When a {\O/}FIBRO MY ANGEL{\O/}

CRASHES OR FLARES it is hard for US to understand yall have no idea! If you are just now reading this take time to make time with your family member or friend that has Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and most times we have combos of many other related invisible illnesses!

Please remember and never forget when you are around your family member or friend that has FM/CFIDS ETC. Don't just say how are doing and leave it at that! If they are any thing at all like me, they just smile and say "I'm fair to partly cloudy" or something glib like that in order to laugh a little and then change the subject! One time, just one time really ask them to tell you what a day in their life is like! Then for the first time be ready to listen really LISTEN to them!

Remember also they are not griping when they tell you the plain simple facts of living with Fibro etc and living in spite of Fibro! 

You might be surprised to find out they have some fascinating coping skills ok my writing has turned to black and was doing green in order to make it easier to read! Oh Well, you can't say I didn't try! Anyolewhohow, on the same subject at the first of my sentence here!

You might be surprised at some very unusual things that have happened and some funny fibro fog stories! The majority of us have gone forty kajillion dr's in search of answers to unexplained pain and fatigue and about a compromized immune system disease! Immune Disorder Disease and Irritable Bowel System goes along with these illnesses or diseases!

Look at this for a while, the word disease if you take it apart it is spelled like this: DIS = dis connection of the mind to the body network and somehow or other where pain is concerned the mind is sending pain messages to the body that is in a foreign language and there is no place on the computer for translation so the body is continually in pain 24/7 like me! It is like there is a button on the computer to help the body stop the pain and the brain is trying to tell the body that it should not be in pain but the poor body has been so messed up that it is not receiving the proper signals to how to turn that button to off!
What's more the body is searching for the button and the computer has hidden it from view!

Look at this for a while:EASE the other part of the word *disease*
Ease means a way to make something comfortable and a means of getting things done without effort!

PLEASE Remember and never forget we {\O/}FIBRO MY ANGELS{\)O\}may have broken wings and are not defined by our illnesses but we are still visible and need hugs even though they hurt to hug...HUGGING....is very needed!!!

Sometimes all I can do is cry, not pity party cry, but just can't find the words to pray like I am feeling in the depths of my very soul! It feels like the disease goes very very deep down and is trying to draw the very life out of me! Can anyone testify, I know I know you can! Fibromyalgia cannot touch my soul! +

Wish I knew how to put a video here with the song from the Isaacs a gospel group that came here in concert! The song is "He Understands My Tears"
Look on my facebook page and I am posting it there, it speaks volumes to me!

Please remember and never forget that no matter what you or we are going through sometimes we cry and then we smile in order to show the strength that we gain from looking to the Lord to help us through another day!

If the ship of your life is tossing on the sea of strife, you need someone and if your body is in pain and your health you can't regain you need someone!
I give you Jesus, He's the peace that passeth all understanding, oh oh oh my friend I give you Jesus!!! + <3 the plus sign represents the Cross and the heart is for His Love for you and me! Therefore, It was not nails that held our Savior to the Cross of Calvary, it was LOVE that held HIM there! His great love that held HIM there to pay for and suffer that our sins might be cleansed and that we might have eternal life!

Now, I am out of spoons, so my lovelies, I love you all that read in my lil ole reading room my blog, Take time to make time to give of yourself it costs you nothing and it will benefit you and the person receiving your gift! When we are kind it releases endorphins in the body to both participants and you may not know it but endorphins is the God given pain killers!

Give and it shall be given unto you! Pray for me as I pray for you! + <3

Until next time May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You Til We Meet Again!

Hugs, Love and Prayers, your friend to the end, Ellen + <3

P. S. Please pray for my Mother as she fell the day before Easter and we spent Easter Sunday in the ER because of all of her pain! Her name is Jane and she is a sweet Christian lady! She is having a lot of pain in her right leg and hip and upper and lower back! We are so thankful to the Lord that she did not break anything when she fell, but she is bruised and in so much pain! I so treasure your friendship and your love for us and most of all your prayers are so treasured!!!

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