If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some helps for my Fibro Angels and Steel Magnolias!

There are many things they don't tell you might encounter since you have been diagnosed as someone with Fibromyalgia and usually a myriad of other invisible illnesses go with it! It is like you made an order for something to eat like this I'll have a large order of Fibromyalgia and a side order of Chronic Fatigue and a small order of Lupus and then as an after dinner desert how about a desert of Degenerative Disk Disease and I'll wash that down with Conjestive Heart Failure! Whew!!! Does this sound anything like you being a spoonie and a foggie! I thought so and have you been to a multitude of dr's?

That was and is my story as well. Along this awful journey I have learned many things by trial and error. I will touch on why we must use the anger we may feel in a positive manner, it doesn't have to be met out as they say with awful displays of temper and losing control and later regretting that you could not just hold your tongue and just talk things out with whomever you are miffed at! Now I know that I could have used the P...s word, but I don't roll that way! I have a good education and a better vocabulary than to use swear words! They are not cool or cute nor hip, it just shows a lack of good breeding as they said in my country!

Here goes! Whenever something or someone is bothering you do this for your own heart's sake and many other health related reasons. If you need to let it let it out by screaming in your pillow (if nothing else you could start giggling at yourself by how funny you feel doing that! But who or what are you hurting no thing and no one. My mother always said oh yeah, if you're mad, you can just scratch your mad place and get glad! Oh the wisdom of mothers!
Another thing she would say I love you enough to discipline you and I care how you turn out so if you can't find anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! I said all that to say this, get a hold of yourself when you get angry and find something to emerse yourself in! I just get to myself and shut everything off, no outside or inside stimuli! When we the "walking wounded warriors" get angry our muscles get angry too,so to speak!
Our muscles tense up so greatly that there is no way to make em let loose until they so desire and I have learned you will be sorry if you got angry and got them angry too!
I will draw you a wee bit of a scenario, All this becomes a symphony of drawing up into balls of rubber bands clamped around your muscles!
What do we do about that? Try not getting angry in the first or second place lol The more angry you get and lash out to others the more the symphony of rubber bands in your muscles swells to a big crescendo of pain! You need to first lay on it a little pianisimo or soft I recite the Lord's Prayer until I can find a way to slow down the fit I find myself in and I have given up pet peeves cause if you break it down that is plumb embarrassing to be petty about something you cannot do a blooming thing about! That is the time I found to have some decorum about you and excuse yourself from the room whether you have to potty or not, go to the bathroom and put your fingers in your ears and close out all the world and all the possible menace it can be to you!
Do what you do to calm yourself down, no one else can do this for you!
My parents used to say you may not come back into the room until you act like a little lady and be kind to others! Period...end of subject was my take on that! So when you think you can go back into the room without nearly killing someone that got your dander up, stay put has been my experience!
I like to watch as many funny videos as I can get my hands on and you are doing yourself a favor if you choose comedies! When one laughs it brings out endorphins from the brain to the body and those are natural God given pain killers already planted there! Use what you got to help what you got and you will end up feeling much better and no one gets hurt including you! See what I'm saying!

Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS! LOL ; )
You can fight the bad effects of stress hormone Cortisol on you by drinking 4 cups of black tea a day! Having tea with someone just evokes a scene of grace manners and laid back enjoying each other's company! Most of all PEACE!
It seems that there is something restful to my heart and soul when I stop and make time for tea! It is a good thing to be fully enveloped in the process of tea making! While it is easier to make my tea in the microwave that is what I choose, have to save your energy to help your mother too! When things and pain and much that we Fibro Angels, or spoonies and foggies deal with become too much, I just pop up and say I think I will make us a spot of tea!
Yeah fancy it up like you were the Queen waiting to have tea with her loyal subjects or whatever you know make it easy on yourself! I thought my mother was gonna swallow her tongue when I made tea the other day with her "best china" I said look Mother, what are we saving it for, we seldom have company so I am treating you and me like company and I love how delicate this china is and unless we start tossing it across the room, I believe it will withstand the journey! I can't stand all the loud noise so we did not have
trumpets with our tea! That is why I had to turn the Queen Elizabeth's invitation down during the time of the wedding of Will and Kate! I sent her reply of Dear Queenie, can't have tea with you at this time not until you get rid of those all fired trumpets! Sincerely yours, Princess Ellen or whatever!

There is a princess still alive in all of us girls no matter how old we are!

Try to act like you think a princess would act and even when you feel your worst I find it is good to put on some make up! Why you ask! Ok Ise gwanna tell ya rat now! lol

I've decided that if by some chance Fibromyalgia is after all terminal and I am gonna die today, (hypothetically of course) I may have looked like warmed over death in this life but I fully intend to die as a good looking corpse! rotflol @@@@@@@ ; ))

Personally I feel a lot better spiritually and mentally since I have given up white flour and white sugar! To some people like me sugar is poison to my system and I am not good about just chug a lugging a vial of poison, so I avoid it where possible! Also we are not prone to drink bleach but our sugar and flour are bleached how do you think they got it so sparkling white?

Hmmm yeppers last time I checked bleach is not in my diet!

I have mood swings (I have so many mood swings that we have run out of colors to paint em) : D

I have fewer mood swings that make me feel bad when I am in em and can't seem to make em go away! So fewer mood swings I can pay a ticket to!

The poor people around me that have to be the unwilling recipients of my mood swings and are goin does the home know she is missing?

My daughter and I found that during Desert Storm while we were going out and getting a reese's peanut butter cup for both of us! We really got gritchy and would practically bite each other's head off! Waiting for our loved ones to come back home was tuff enough but we found that we did better with our moods when we would share one candy bar!  Then have a time of prayer and medication! We felt more worthy to go before the throne of grace love and tender mercies when we were in a better frame of mind!

I hope I have helped yall to understand the importance of things you can change and some tips on how to do it when they exist!

So in closing cause I am out of spoons, remember tea time 4 times a day!
Set a pretty table if you have to borrow flowers for the table from another room tis good! Tea to lift you from stress to a modicum of peace!
Stomp out white sugar and white flour unless you have been given a script to drink bleach...this is not recommended! : )
I must go and remember until we meet again you will be on my mind and in my heart and in my prayers cause Jesus loves you and I do too!!!

Psalm 91:11 Praying God's warrior protecting and minsitering angels around you and yours! {\O/} gentle hugs, color me gone for a while! God bless all

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