If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The miracle of praying the scriptures esp. Psalm 91:11 {\O/}

My Daddy was a Yeoman First Class in the Navy and I so have wanted to share how the entire occupants of the Air Craft Carrier received a miracle during Pear Harbor!
Daddy loved the Lord so much and had no trouble sharing his Faith with anyone! The sailors knew that and Daddy was teaching a Prayer and Bible Study aboard his ship, The Kada Shan Bay!
They were so many of the sailors lined up out the door for Daddy's Bible Study, so it was standing room only and that thrilled Daddy's loving and compassionate heart!
Daddy loved tellling his girls about this one particular day he had a great Bible Study and he was teaching all to not just read the Bible, but pray the Scriptures! For this day, Daddy was teaching about praying God's warrior, protecting and ministering angels around them and all things concerning them! The Scripture goes like this: For He will give angels charge and all things concerning you! So when it was time for everyone to go about their specific duty and get ready for the day at hand, he lead the whole class in praying this Scripture esp. and dismissed!
The day went on as scheduled and Daddy was going about his tasks of typing and putting things in the log book for the Admiral!
Later from out of the quiet sky comes this big roaring sound and it was Japanese Kamakaze Dive Bombers and all the sailors were on deck! They went to their posts to return fire and whatever they needed to do to protect themselves! All of sudden they are watching in horror at this Kamakaze was turned nose down and he was going to dive bomb the air craft carrier! There really was no time to prepare, just had to watch and about that time, Daddy said it felt like just seconds and the kamakaze dived into the gas tank of the air craft carrier and he and the plane exploded on the gas tank!
It rocked and rolled the carrier back and forth and to and fro, but not a soul had a hair on their head harmed! I mean no one needed even a band-aid!
Daddy said the Admiral called him down to where Daddy had to type up things and also had to login things of the day for what had happened throughout the day!
Daddy loves to tell this part because his Admiral was a Christian and strong believer like Daddy!
The Admiral told Daddy to put on the log the regular stuff! Then he did something that absolutely thrilled Daddy! Yeoman I want you to use the pretty lettering that you do and I want you to put in great big bold letters:
There were many of the sailors that came to Daddy and said tell them about this Jesus you talk about in your Bible Study and Prayer Time! Praise the name, love and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!
From then on, Daddy never passed up a chance to share this miraculous happening from praying the Scriptures!
He would tell me and my baby sister many times and many times we would just crawl on his lap and ask him to tell us more stories, but please tell us again about the story of when God saved you and all the sailors on that ship!
As we grew up we learned to pray the Scriptures and not just read the Bible and say like okay, I 've read my Bible for the day! No, you rob yourself of a major blessing if you only read!
For all our family and friends and special loved ones of the Southern Gospel groups and esp. my favorite singer in the universe, Michael English! When I first heard him sing, there was just something so special about him and I could tell that the Lord had given him such a gift and as Michael says, He loved and saved the person of Michael English! As I was listening, the Lord dropped it in my spirit that He wanted me to begin praying for Michael and his gift and that he was going through some troubles that no one knew anything about! I said Lord if that is what you want me to do, I am your servant and I will do as you say! I have been following him for so many years before I ever met him in person!
Through one of his close friends, who I want say cause I promised that what they shared with me about Michael and we coveted to pray in agreement with each other for Michael no matter what!
She would send me vcr tapes of him cause she knew I had an incurable illness and I told her I didn't know if I would ever get to see him in person!
Lord have mercy, there were times when things were going on that people were saying unkind things about him and it was breaking our hearts! There were more times than I can count that we were both up and talking and praying on line from 2 am and on!
I told this friend please know that you can trust me always cause this is going from "The Phone to the Throne" period, I will never tell anyone unless some day I get to tell Michael himself!
I was just dying inside when he was crying over his brother Biney of having a diagnosis of MS! It was just devastating to the family! I begin somehow finding out how I could email Biney and I think my friend sent Michael a note book of prayers that I had put in for him!
I got a newsletter from Biney and I am not sure if Michael was sending a newsletter at that time!
I was not to ever get to see Michael and Biney in concert! God called my hubby, Bud, my love and my best friend forever, when he died so quickly in front of me!
After we put my sweet guy in the grave and we cried until we were so exhausted and it was so hard for me to go back to our home anymore for me!
My children started saying we have to get Mother out of there and have her stay with us for a while! So I stayed with my sons for a while and then my daughter said Mother, I want you to stay with us until you can figure out what you want to do for a place to stay! You see my daughter and her family lived in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina! Michael and Biney are from Wallace, NC. and I called our mutual friend who also lived in NC. I was told why don't you come to a concert, in I don't remember where, so I told my daughter and she said I think we oughta go cause you have wanted to meet both of them for a long time!
After exchanging emails somehow Biney knew I wanted to meet him and I saw him the first time before the concert! I told him of my hubby's Bud home going! Oh I'm so sorry, and he hugged me real big and said I am so glad to meet you! I'll see you inside!
While he and Michael was on the stage and surprized me by calling my name and asking his friend to stand! He shared that my hubby was in Heaven and we want to dedicate in memory of Bud, called "Welcome to Heaven My Child"!
I sat there and bawled and was blessed by hearing such great gifts from God coming out of both these sweet brothers in Christ!
I hope I am not bothering him on his twitter and facebook, but I promised God long long ago that he could count on me to pray daily for Michael and now Biney! All the family of both of them!
Another dear friend from the Michael English forum had given this friend a shirt of Michael's that he wore in the "Gospel" video! I really wasn't expecting anything like that but it was black and had yellow trim and I was so honored to have it or that anyone would think so much of me!
I knew Michael had a book in him and I am so proud of him and even though he had been through a lot, our friend and me refused to let anyone say anything bad about him! We refused to believe anything but the good and God in him!
We just kept stubbornly praying him through it all! I am not looking for accolades I did what our Father asked me to do!
I cannot have enough paper to share how Michael and Biney have ministered to my spirit and heart and soul!
I went through almost everything that Michael went through! Everytime I would hear another song, it would always take me to places where the Lord was trying to use Michael and his testimony in word and song! I was asked not long ago what is Michael English favorite song! I can't choose, it is whichever song is playing at the time!
There's been times when the invisible incurable illness I have seemed to be more than I can take! The pain 24/7 and the fatigue so bad you think you are gonna quit breathing! The insomnia and conjestive heart failure! I also have a crazy heart, it will go along for a while and then it will spike up! Many times I have tried to as you might say, punch my own ticket, Michael testified of a time like this too! I tried seven times and the Lord would interrupt me with someone to come over or have my Mother call me!
That was not gonna work with my Father! That was not in His Will for me!
I have had some really hard times with the medication that the dr's have put me on to the point that every dr. Bud took me to, dr gave me another prescription! That piled one on top of the other, there were so many tests trying to find out what in the world this unexplained severe pain and such illness with just so much questions for this couple!
I got to the point that I just was not really myself and all my family came down asking me to get help to get off so much meds! I heard Michael singing a sweet and simple song that I had heard many times! The Lord spoke in my spirit, Ellen, you hear that Michael is singing I Surrender All! Where in that song do you hear, I Surrender some? He said I know you have tried getting off of this stuff by yourself and it didn't work! Even though it will be hard we will get through this together! So I called my daugher after everyone had come down and pleaded we just want our Mother back!
I said sweetheart let's talk about this!
We talked way into the night and we were both crying and praying and she came and got me later and took me to the rehab and they took me off everything cold turkey and I stayed sick the whole time! I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, I stayed sooo cold all the time! It's too long but I went to all the withdrawals and they sent me packing cause the insurance would not pay for help anymore! Ok, who was healed, not me! Lost down to 131 lbs, for me a stick!
I went 25 years without a diagnosis and too many dr's and too many pills!
After I got the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, two months later they diagnoses me with active Lupus!
Bud said Baby I just don't know why this is being put on us, how could we love the Lord any better than we do? We just prayed and people would try to help and they would tell me and Bud that so and so dr. might be able to do us more good!
I got to where I lost a job with GTE Directories Corp. as the quality control billing clerk! I would come into work holding onto the wall just to try and walk!
My boss even cried with me when I told her I was afraid I wasn't able to concentrate any more because of the pain! Cause no one could find some pain med to touch my pain! She just looked up from tearstained eyes and said, Hon, I am so sorry, but I was told that I was gonna have to fire you or let you go cause it was showing up in my work! I hate this but why don't you just come go get a coke with me and then I will take you home!
My family was devastated when I had to tell them, I was also subbing as a secretary part time for our church!
They also were glancing over something else that was causing me severe pain too! They never turned me over when they were xraying me! That went on for 13 years and my other dr's said I had a lawsuit on my hands cause someone finally turned me sideways and discovered degenerative disk disease! The disk in my low back particularly was disintegrated and the vertebrae were sitting on one another! (recently along with this type of thing, they did an MRI on me or Cat Scan, ? they found bulging disks in my neck!)
As that song that Michael and Biney sung on the ME Show, "He Never Gave Up" I know my Jesus has never given up on me, even though I have fallen many times, but what happened to me as a child was not mine or any other child's fault! Michael put it recently that some people just did not know how to treat lil boys right, well in my case of course, it was a lil girl of only 4 years old!
There is so much more that happened to Michael that mirrors what happened to me! I am writing a book even with a sposd learning disabilty, slow learner and adhd, "When the Bruises Don't Show"! I have a publisher interested, but I have to come up with money too, that as everything else has been put at the foot of the cross! My Daddy always said Why worry when you can pray! Help I don't even know where I am, am running out of spoons pretty quickly!
I send fb notes and twitter notes to Michael of encouragement and prayer and I hate to fly too! Will tell yall about that another blog or post!
Hugs, Love and Prayers, My name that I use as a username is my name at the end of a prayer that I have had to use like the first letter of every word of my prayer is like GBY, is God bless you! Because my mind goes 90 miles an hour, I am able to pray this way, the closing of all my prayers is this: LAYCE means Love always, your child Ellen! <3 + It was not nails that held our Savior on that old rugged cross, it was LOVE, UNCONDIONAL LOVE! THANK YOU JESUS!
I love you all and am praying yall and of course Michael English & his family to be safe with God's warrior, protecting and ministering angels taking yall safely to and from all your destinations!

No more spoons, can't find more spoons!

Lord, never let me forget that the clamor of my will...will make me deaf to Your call!

If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me!
Mark 8:34

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