If you drink you will never thirst again! +

If you drink you will never thirst again! +
Drink from the water of Life, Love, your friend, Jesus <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boys & Girls can anyone say Twilight Zone?

This blog today is brought to you by the letter T. Yes, T for I don't know maybe traumatized or terrified or tremendously nutso doctor!!! ugg

One day my hubby comes in from work and says I need to talk with you about something honey! You see, I have been hearing about this doctor that has been getting some results with people with Fibromyalgia! Ok, now is just fine with me to go so let's go right now! Hang on honey, we can't go right now but I wish we could and get you out of all that pain that you are in!
Am just so excited that I can't even think straight enough to call for an appointment! My hubby always was there at the ready to give a solution to a problem whether mine or the children's! I'll call honey you just go sit down and breathe real slowly and get calm again!

He called and came back in the living room where I was sitting in one of our comfy chairs that lean back and it also has my heating pad on it! I have learned that the heat calms the muscles in my lower back, so I keep the heating pad going a lot! It however does not stop the pain I have never been convinced that anything at all helps alleviate that pain of fibro! By the way, not negative meant here just stating the facts! Bud sat down with his great big ole glass of tea and said when my appointment was scheduled! We talked for a long time about our hope that this doctor would be able to give me some hope and some help!

Boy was I ever gonna need to lay in a load of spoons for that day that I would go to this new doctor!

The night before I layed out all my clothes and was attempting to get as much done ahead of time so that maybe I wouldn't run out of spoons just trying to get dressed! For the "normals" this is no big deal, it comes so easy to them regarding getting dressed and ready for a dr appointment! Honey, let's get up so you will have time to get ready, excuse me, do you have any idea what time it is dear! Yes, you know how slow you are about things just thought I would get you up a little early to give you that time that you need!

Wow hon, aren't you thoughtful, I'll find a way to thank you for waking up at a quarter til dawn! I guess I'll have  to go kick the rooster so he knows it is time to crow and wake the town, lol ;) Good Lord it's morning no no Child say it like this: Good morning Lord what are you up to? Please let me be a part of it in Jesus name love and blood! Father, that does sound better please forgive me for speaking in that manner, grow a better and more positive attitude in me and Dear Lord I'm grateful to you for all the many things that you do!

Ellen honey how are you coming with getting ready? I'll be ready as soon as I can Bud Can you please get me another cup of coffee darling? Thank you!
I know I know I only have my hair to do and get on my clothes and boy am I tired why? I just need to sit down and rest a while and then maybe I can get going again! Enter the big bad bully Chronic Fatigue and I came to rob you of your life but I am a cruel demon and I will leave you just breathing barely!
I am so running out of spoons and I have more things to do to get ready!
Bud gets me to the dr's office while it is just turning day and I enter another cold too cold waiting room!

Hi I'm Ellen Williams and I am here to see the doctor! Go ahead and have a seat the dr will be you as soon as he can! Sitting there reading every old magazine that was ever written and time goes crawling by 2 hours, 3 hours you've got to be kidding me 4 stinking hours! Mam how much longer is it gonna be till I see the dr? Hon if you go take your seat we'll be with you in a little while!

Meanwhile, I go over the magazines and I can overhear a conversation not far from me! Have you seen him or heard from him today, I thought you had and I'm gonna call over there and find out what's going on because he's got a room full of patients that always is not good people get out of sorts! Dr _____
are you coming in today or not! You have a room full of rather upset patients so you will be here in a little while! Ok bye!

Later, my tail bone I think has become part of every dr's office chair that I have been in and this one feels like I am gonna need a tail bone transplant!
Yes, mam the dr will see you now will you please walk this way!
I told her if I could walk that way I would not be here and then I said out loud, Yes mam thank you Ok hon the dr should be with you in just a little bit!
Waiting some more Lord have mercy I didn't bring enough spoons for this or some such thing (didn't know of the Spoonie Theory at the time, just knew there was something stealing my strength)
Enter the *I use the word loosely* doctor!

Hello Mrs. Williams how can I help you today? Oh my Lord dear Lord what am I seeing in front of me? You could by showing up for work and stop making people wait in your waiting room for hours on end, and then I said out loud : I am glad to meet you!  Why do you have your breakfast all over your very loud tie? And your shirt looks like you drained the bacon on it!

Well mam hop up on this table and let me have a look at you (you are confusing me with someone who can hop) you willl have to help me up on that high table!  and see where the problem is!

Now in walks terrified and starts me shaking in my boots!

What do I see but tethered at the end of this dr's wrist is a Great Big Ole
German Shepherd Dogggg big dog big d o g!!! do do do do dod od od can anyone say Twilight Zone?

Doctor why are you turning me every which way but loose and you have had your breakfast I can plainly see is the big dog gonna eat me for lunch?

Owww that hurts that really hurts bad I know mam, am just trying to adjust your body, To what a pretzel? Whatever you do, don't make a wish! I am not a wish bone you can just pull apart! Well, let's finish killing you and I will feed you to the dog, well not exactly but you couldn't have convinced me of that!

In walks tremendously nutso doctor after we get through here I want you to make another appointment so that I can finish tearing you apart! Oh please God if you let  me live I will go be a missionary in the deepest darkest part of Africa!!! Let me be able to go home to my hubby and my children!

Dear Spoonies and Foggies, why did it have to mean going to sooooo many
doctors to come up with a diagnosis? Fibro is called a Chronic Illness yet
Medicare only recognizes Diabetes and Conjestive Heart Failure as the two most chronic diseases and when they were here, they did not mention another chronic illness! I asked the man why not Fibromyalgia, He said that they do not recognize Fibromyalgia as a chronic illness! Oh REALLYYY!!!

Then why do millions of people know that is an ongoing progressive illness and is Chronic to a multitude of people the world over!

We need to ban together and write our congressmen and tell Medicare that it is not fair that Fibromyalgia is not recognized as Chronic Illness!!! GRRR

We must stand for something or we will fall for anything!

Fibromy Angels unite and we must win this war against Fibromyalgia and many other invisible illnesses! It is not gonna give and we must all say well


The Father did not give us a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind even if the other people in the room was about two tacos shy of a combination plate! I kind of paraphrased this didn't I, but you get my drift! lol : )

I have been dealing with a flare that has hit and looks like it is not planning to go away for a while, have to just take one day at a time and never worry about tomorrow because God is already there! Praise His Holy Name! +

P. S. Please remember and never forget I love you and even though you don't comment I pray for all who come to my lil reading room! Yall come back now ya heah! {\O/} Psalm 91:11 Praying God's warrior protecting and ministering angels around you all! YOU are special to Him!

Dear ones who are here would someone teach me how to or give me directions to upload my facebook photo to here and my twitter account!
I have had no luck and have trouble trying to remember what I heard on video so if any kind soul would help me, I would be eternally grateful!

Until next time my lovelies, may the good Lord bless you real good! I am new at this thank you for your patience I have had trouble getting the right color and background but I continue on just for YOU!!! (((((All)))))

My family goes If it is gonna happen to anyone it will happen to Ellen!
I went to my blog at 3 am #painsomnia woke me up so I went to my blog and found that someone had changed my language to Hindy! Ok whatever that is but it's funny huh? : )

I could have gotten mad, but I chose Happiness over gloominess and I came out the winner! Every choice in life has its reward or consequence so pray about everything and don't worry about nothin' !!!
Pain is inevitable.......................................Misery is optional..........................

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. There are so many of us that have had to go to so many doctors. I bet every one I know who has been diagnosed with fibro has a funny or unusual story about doctors they had to see.